Orgasmically Joyful….Or Not?

“Orgasmically Joyful” – What does that mean to you?

If you look up orgasmic in the dictionary it says “very enjoyable or exciting”. To me, orgasmically joyful means being extremely happy and loving life.

When I was creating my website, I wanted a tagline that reflected three of my main values: brave, fun and real. When I ran my tagline “Create an orgasmically joyful life & career” by my friends, they told me it was too risky. They told me people would think I was doing sex coaching. I ran it by some of my clients, and they told me that had they seen that tagline before hiring me, they probably would have thought twice. There were only two of my fellow coaching colleagues and my own coach that supported my tagline. I asked about 50 people and they all warned me against it.

It was a real struggle for me. I felt that tagline was a true representation of who I was and the message I wanted to share. I mean after all, who truly don’t want to have an orgasmically joyful life & career? I decided to go against what the majority said and stuck to what I felt resonated deeply with my personality. After all, if I really got a bad reaction, I could always change the tagline.

The day my website went live, I had such stomach cramps, I was afraid of what the reaction would be. Would people really think I was a sex coach? I have been a business & marketing professional for the past twenty years. Would this diminish my credibility in other people’s eyes? Would people find me crazy or less professional? Especially, what would my Dad think?

I have to say that I got an amazing reaction to my website! Even my friends and clients that told me not to go forward with this tagline told me my site was really professional and the tagline was used in good taste. Amazingly enough, I didn’t have one single sexual comment about it. On top of that, the clients that are approaching me are clients that I absolutely love working with. Either you love my message and you want to work with me, or you don’t, and that’s OK, there are certainly plenty of non-orgasmically joyful coaches out there. 

A few weeks ago I was updating my LinkedIn profile. Again I was faced with the same dilemma. I figure, it’s OK to put the orgasmically joyful tagline on my website and my facebook page, but on LinkedIn, a professional network, maybe this was too much!

I actually did a Facebook survey asking people what they would choose between the three LinkedIn taglines:

#1) Helping professionals create orgasmically joyful lives and careers.

#2) Helping professionals become the CEO of their lives.

#3) Helping people create more fulfilling lives, careers & businesses.

The large majority picked #2.

So now once again, I knew what the public felt..but what was I to do? I was up a few nights stressing about it…and then I decided to be orgasmically brave…I decided to go ahead with the tagline on LinkedIn “Helping professionals create orgasmically joyful lives and careers.”

I realized that it is one thing is to know your values and another thing to express them and put them on your LinkedIn profile, being a living expression of them. After all, if I feel I need to hide who I really am, how can I coach others to live their lives being true to who they are? 

Guess what? The reaction to my LinkedIn profile has been great. Orgasmically Joyful is attracting the professionals that I truly love to work with.

What did I learn from this? Sometimes, you need to brave enough to put it all on the line, to step out of your comfort zone and do things that scare you.

I chose to be brave and honour me, honour my values, and the results have been amazing.

Would you like to know how I can help you create an orgasmically joyful life & career?

You can check out my coaching programs here, or even better yet, send me an email at and let’s have a CEO of your life coaching conversation!

Here is to you being the CEO of your life!