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I recently read a newsletter from John Lee Dumas that caught my attention. It stated, “Emotions Sell. Logic Doesn’t. Lose the technobabble.”

I feel that many businesses display their logic – features and benefits of their product. Yet, when it comes to sharing emotions and stories, they’re afraid or don’t realize how impactful it is.

Think about it. Sharing the real you is the only thing that truly sets you apart from anyone with a similar product or service.

Here’s an example. I was searching for a platform for my online course. I found tons of sites spitting out why their platform was so great. But these were just words.

Then I found Kajabi. Kajabi was more than words. I watched their ‘why we built it’ video where the co-founder shared his personal story of getting to where he is today. It truly touched me.

I felt an emotional connection with him and, therefore, the product. This was stronger than any logic. It led me to look further and create my online course with them.

But there’s another reason I love the video. As a life and business coach, I guide clients on getting clear on their values, inner truth, passions, story and creating businesses that truly reflect that. Kajabi’s video is a powerful example for my clients of creating an outer presentation of inner convictions.

I had to know more about the people behind Kajabi and what led them to share their story. I reached out for an interview with co-founder, Travis Rosser. Here is that interview:

Q: What made you decide to share your story and why this particular one?

A: I think story has a lot of power. We’re all living a story. When you tell people about yourself, you’re telling your story.

And story isn’t just something you experience. It’s something you can change.

Story is something you can change

In creating this video, I thought, “What makes one customer succeed and others fail or just never do anything?” I thought about how hard it was for Kenny and I to start Kajabi. Sure, we’re smart guys with experience and insight, but at our core, we’re just average people who took chances and failed, a lot.

Something inside us was stronger than those failures.

You hear about being afraid of failure, but it’s not that. It’s fear of the pain of failure.

When you have a dream in your heart like we did, the pain of doing nothing is greater. The pain of not bringing our idea to life would have been more than the pain of all our failures combined.

Our story was about showing people how important it is to remember why they’re doing what they’re doing.

You gotta really dig for your ‘why’. What truly motivates you? What’s the thing that’s stronger than the pain of failure?

Q: What values did you want to bring out in your story?

A: Willingness to not give up. That desire to keep going, no matter what happens.

Failure (or any movement) will at least tell you what’s working and what isn’t. In business, you wait for movement, good or bad, to decide what happens next.

I think people are so used to sitting back and watching stories. But the real value in people’s stories is in actually doing it.

Q: How did you feel sharing your story?

A: I often get emotional telling stories.

I stuttered as a kid. It’s a big part of who I became. I would get stuck on my words, almost making convulsions just trying to get them out. So I just chose not to talk very often. When I did, I became the butt of the joke. I would think of the funniest things to say and try to say them, but people would laugh at me instead.

I think the emotion and pain I experienced as a kid reminds me how hard things can be. When I tell stories, especially of overcoming things, I get emotional because I’m grateful. Grateful to God for allowing me to stay alive long enough to move forward, and grateful for the change, success and making it past the failures.

Q: What was the impact of the video?

A: That people know us. When they meet us in person, we’re literally the same people.

I think that’s our biggest strength as a company. We’re real people sharing real stories, which have more power than features, benefits and marketing bullshit. Story is real.

The truth in sharing a video like ours is that if it’s raw and shows emotion, it’ll get results. And not just sales results. It’s change. It’s movement. It’s… do something!

What I care about is getting people building businesses, changing their lives and changing their customers’ lives. The impact is in the change that could happen when someone shares their story.

Your story – your experience, what you know, what you’ve gone through – has value. It’s your biggest asset. When you start sharing at a raw level, learning how to make it relevant to customers and putting it into bite size chunks, you become a guidepost. Even if you’re just two steps ahead, you can still tell someone, “Look out for this, watch out for that.” As you get better, who knows what your brand and story could become.

Telling relevant stories can be a bit of a mind game. “Should I tell this story? Is it worth it?” Just go for it. Tell your story! If you get a response, you know it was relevant. If not, who cares?

I hate the saying, “Fake it till you make it.” It should be, “Be it until you achieve it.” Be the person you are with a vision and a dream of something greater, until you achieve it.


Be it till you achieve it

TAKEAWAY – Be yourself. Be real everyday in your life, business and marketing. This will attract the right people, opportunities and clients for you. This will literally change your life, your world and the world around you.

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Here’s to you becoming the CEO of your life!

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Melissa Dawn is a Certified Life and Business Coach, Motivational Speaker and Founder of CEO of Your Life. She is the Amazon international bestselling author of I Attract What I Am: Transform Failure into an Orgasmically Joyful Life and Business.

Melissa left behind a successful career as an award-winning V.P. in marketing to be of greater service by inspiring and teaching professionals and business owners the key strategies needed to identify their purpose and discover their unique value. This transformational process helps to crystalize their vision to create a life and business that is a true reflection of who they are. Melissa illuminates and guides her clients’ journey toward making choices and decisions that are heart-centered by listening to their inner guidance system so that the chosen paths are much more fulfilling.

By engaging in and implementing the step-by-step strategies of Melissa Dawn’s signature coaching programs, you too can become the CEO of your personal and professional life with confidence and success.


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