Declutter Your Life Challenge


Namaste Breakfast Television viewers…

Get ready to declutter
your life in just 7 days!

Take the Declutter your Life Challenge!

Are you ready to take a HUGE step towards becoming the CEO of Your Life and creating the life you truly want? To do that, you need to declutter your life. You need to let go of all the “junk” that’s holding you back in order to make room for the positive things that will propel you forward.

Featured January 4th, on Breakfast Television, the Declutter Your Life Challenge is 7 days of actionable steps to clarify your path and get you leaps and bounds ahead of where you are now. These are small steps with huge impact, but you have to commit.

By the end of the 7 days you will:

Be clear on what you want and what is truly important to you;

Have taken critical steps to rid you of the things, habits and people that are weighing you down and preventing you from moving forward.

Commit to completing each step, each day. I promise that by Day 7 you’ll be so grateful you did. There will even be a BONUS step each day for those of you that are extra ambitious.

If you complete all 7 days, including the daily bonus step, by January 15th, I will gift you a free life & business coaching session with me.

Ready to take your big leap? Let’s get started!!

Let’s get rid of the clutter that is holding you back so you can make 2017 your best year yet!!

Declutter Your Life Challenge - Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of the Declutter Your Life Challenge.

I am so excited to be part of this journey with you towards creating the life you truly want.

Before clearing the clutter, first we need to get clear on what is important to you. So I would like you to ask yourself these important questions: “What do I truly want? What is important to me?”

Write down what you truly want in every aspect of your life, and also ask yourself, why it’s important to you. Is it because someone told you it’s important or is it because it’s what you truly want?

Write down exactly what you want your life to look like. Fill in as many details as you can. What does a typical day look like? What kind of home do you wake up in? With who? What type of work do you do? What does your workspace look like? What kind of people do you work with? How do you spend your free time? Who do you spend it with? How do you feel in this life you want to create?

Create as clear a vision as possible in your mind.


BONUS: Create a vision board, either online or in real life.

Thank you for being brave enough to take part in this challenge. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow in Day 2 of the Declutter Your Life Challenge.

Declutter Your Life Challenge - Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the Declutter Your Life Challenge.

Now that you are clear on the vision you created in Day 1, you need to decide what do you have to say “Yes” and “No” to in order to make that vision happen. Make a “Yes” list and a “No” list with your top 3 things in each.

Choose one that you can act on today and take that step.


BONUS: Create at least one task or action item under each item on your “Yes” and “No” lists and schedule them in your calendar.

Thank you for being brave enough to take part in this challenge. 

Declutter Your Life Challenge - Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of the Declutter Your Life Challenge.

Now that you have a clear vision of what you want to create and what you need to say yes and no to…let’s start clearing the clutter!

Imagine on a daily basis you are given a jar with 100 watts of energy. Now you can only use this energy to create the life and business you truly want. Use this energy towards what you want to create. And remove the clutter that is draining your energy.

Let’s start with the toxic people in your life. The life you truly want includes people who support you, not ones that bring you down. Let go of people who try to hold you back. Respect yourself enough to walk away when you feel you are not being respected. Tell yourself your dreams are worth it and that you need to let go of negative relationships to make room for better quality ones. Don’t feel bad for cutting or blocking people out. They are taking away your energy.

Make a note of any negative relationships you need to cut. Commit to ending them before the end of this year so you can start next year open to new supportive and uplifting relationships.


BONUS: Is there a relationship you can end today, or take the first step towards ending? Do it.

Thank you for being brave enough to take part in this challenge. 

Declutter Your Life Challenge - Day 4

Welcome to Day 4 of the Declutter Your Life Challenge.

Congratulations on making steps towards cutting out toxic people from your life, now it’s time to declutter your toxic habits.

What habits prevent you from creating what you want? Maybe you go to bed and wake up too late. Maybe you procrastinate, smoke, maintain a negative mindset, hold grudges, play the victim, compare yourself to others, don’t appreciate what you have, let the past dictate your future… Does any of that sound like you? Maybe something else?

List your top 3 toxic habits and choose the one you’ll start eliminating today (trying to do all 3 at once could be overwhelming and knock you off track).


BONUS: Breaking negative habits is easier if you replace them with positive ones. List the 3 positive habits you’ll develop to replace the toxic ones.

For example:
– I am going to stop being negative and instead focus on being grateful.
– Instead of complaining about a situation I will choose to look for the gift in it.
– I will stop looking at my cell phone first thing in the morning and choose to connect to source and meditate instead.

Thank you for being brave enough to take part in this challenge. 

Declutter Your Life Challenge - Day 5

Welcome to Day 5 of the Declutter Your Life Challenge.

Now that you have taken steps towards cutting negative people and habits, let’s clear some more clutter and….

Declutter STUFF!

In feng shui, there’s a concept of energy flow known as “chi”. This energy needs to move freely to promote health, joy and success. When there is physical clutter, it blocks the flow.

Clutter includes clothes that you no longer use, stacks of papers that you don’t attend to, books you don’t read, overstuffed wallets, keeping too many unnecessary things in the garage or storage, too many social media messages…You need to clear that out.

Think about it…What space in your home or workspace overwhelms you? What 3 things from that space can you donate, recycle or throw out right now? If you are one of those people that likes to hang onto things for memory purposes, simply take a picture of it for your memory and then throw it away.

Do it!

Decluttering helps you feel less anxious, more productive and refreshed. Letting go of those 3 things will feel so good, I guarantee you’ll be excited to purge more.


BONUS: Schedule a block of time or a full day to completely clear out and declutter your chosen space. Mark it in your calendar and stick to it!

Thank you for being brave enough to take part in this challenge. 

Declutter Your Life Challenge - Day 6

Welcome to Day 6 of the Declutter Your Life Challenge.

Congratulations on decluttering your life of toxic relationships, habits and physical clutter that were weighing you down. Not it’s time to declutter your diet.

A healthy gut helps you tune into your intuition better which is what helps guide you on the path that is best for you.

What are you eating that isn’t nourishing to your body? Too much sugar or processed foods?

How about replacing them with something nourishing that will fuel you?

Let’s start with your breakfast, what’s the first thing you drink in the morning? How about starting it with a green juice? My favorite morning green drink is coconut water, kale, cucumber, ginger, ½ apple, ½ lemon. It gets me energized and feeling good 🙂

Commit to cutting at least one negative and adding one positive.


BONUS: Make a meal plan for the coming week that reflects the healthy lifestyle you want to establish long term. Commit to doing it week after week.

Thank you for being brave enough to take part in this challenge. 

Declutter Your Life Challenge - Day 7

Welcome to Day 7 of the Declutter Your Life Challenge.

Look back at the previous 6 days. You accomplished a lot! Congrats! You’ve also got some valuable lists to tackle. Lists of habits, relationships and items you need to declutter, as well as things you want to add in. All of these lists are part of your roadmap towards creating the life and business you are orgasmically joyful about!!

Use your lists and insights from the past 6 days to create a plan to move forward. What major targets would you like to achieve in 2017?

Break those down quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily, so that you have a clear path and are committed to doing at least one thing each day to move closer to what you truly want.


BONUS: List 3 things you absolutely will not continue in 2017. Map out the steps you’ll take to ensure you’ve cleared those things from your life before the end of January.

Thank you for being brave enough to take part in this challenge.

If you have done all 7 bonus steps for each day of the challenge, please send me all the work you did and I will be happy to offer you a free coaching session with me.

This offer is valid till January 15th, 2017.