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Inspirational, Motivational and Leadership Speaker

Driving Productivity Through Employee Happiness

Imagine your employees driven to succeed by their own, fully fueled, internal engines.

When someone is happy, fulfilled and working towards goals that are meaningful to them, their motivation comes from a place deep within themselves. A place that fuels them to tackle new challenges and keep taking themselves to the next level.

Wouldn’t you like your employees to tap into that powerful driver of productivity?

Believe it or not, that driver is happiness. In fact, it’s so powerful that when Google started investing in employee happiness, company productivity shot up 37%!

How to Find the Right Business Coach for You

As a life and business coach, motivational speaker, bestselling author and former VP of Marketing, Melissa knows what it takes to get real results for your business.

In her corporate speaking events, Melissa helps employees connect to their own internal engines by guiding them to view their lives from 10,000 feet. She coaches them to take a truly honest look at where they are in key aspects of life: professional satisfaction, personal relationships, overall health and wellness, financial health and personal growth.

Gaining clarity on their own big picture empowers them to determine exactly where they want to go (and the steps to get there), inspires true happiness and fulfillment, and drives productivity on a whole new level.

Employees leave this presentation with a new understanding of the impact each area of their life has on their overall joy and fulfillment, and on their success in the workplace. They will have gained valuable insight into areas of their lives that need attention and will walk away with a clear action plan to start moving toward a happier, more productive life.

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Best of all, they will have tapped into a powerful and limitless source of motivation to continually propel themselves (and your business) forward.

Presentation Details:

Be True to You

Get Clear on Where You Are… So You Can Take Steps Towards Where You Want to Be

Minimum duration: 90 min


  • Motivational presentation & group coaching session
  • Personal assessment
  • Interaction between employees
  • Q&A period

An extended presentation is available. Time and fees are customized for your company’s needs.

After the presentation, if you want to take employee happiness and productivity even further, exclusive resources to continue the process and take your business to even greater heights are available.

The CEO of Your Life Academy – A personal development online coaching program for employees to develop further clarity on who they are and how to create a life in alignment with what they truly want. It contains 4 modules for them to complete at their own pace.

1-on-1 Coaching – Melissa returns to your company to conduct 30 minute personalized one-on-one coaching sessions with individual employees to help them develop their plan and remove any obstacles standing in the way of them reaching their fullest and happiest potential. Individual coaching sessions can happen immediately after the event and Melissa can coach employees over a longer period, depending on how much follow up you feel your employees need.

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