Courage & Vulnerability Workshop

The keys to connection in the emerging workplace environment


What is professional vulnerability?

For too long, vulnerability has been seen as a weakness or is associated with getting “too emotional” for a workplace setting.

It’s time to clear that up because vulnerability is one of the most powerful drivers of successful organizational cultures.

Vulnerability, by definition, means to be exposed to possible harm. Sounds scary, right? But that’s an old definition tied to concepts of physical exposure. When we talk about vulnerability in terms of how we show up in our work and lives, we can take off the “harm” part and define it simply as being exposed to possibility.

Think about it. When we stop putting so much energy into maintaining our masks or personas, when we are brave enough to be open about our experience, we open ourselves up to possibilities we once locked ourselves out of.

Here are some examples of what embracing vulnerability could look like in a professional setting:

  • Approaching conflict with curiosity:

     “I’ve noticed some tension between us on this project. I don’t know the solution, but I’d like us to get everything out in the open and work out solutions together. What’s your perspective on this?”

  • Owning your mis-takes (as in, the times you didn’t get it quite right):

    “I tried something and it didn’t work out. I’m feeling a bit discouraged, but here’s my plan to move forward.”

  • Engaging through connection

    “You’ve seemed low on energy lately. I’ve been there and it can be tough. What’s up?”

Essentially, vulnerability at work is about setting aside self-preservative habits in favour of connecting on a deeper level that empowers yourself and those around you to redirect energy away from their own self-preservative habits and towards co-creation.

When you learn the skills to embrace vulnerability at work, your organization will experience measurable increases in:

  • Engagement
  • Accountability
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Motivation and morale
  • Trust
  • Retention
  • Courage to try
  • Effective communication
  • Creativity

People will feel empowered to embrace their unique talents, own their mis-takes, pursue larger goals with clarity, and work to continuously grow and develop the best of themselves for the better of the organization.

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Courage and Vulnerability Workshop Details

Start embracing vulnerability in your workplace

Presentation Details:

This workshop will guide attendees to a deeper understanding of what it truly means to embrace vulnerability, create a vision of what vulnerability could look like for them, build the courage to start showing up with more authenticity and curiosity, and start taking real steps towards dropping those masks that hold them back from greatness.

Presentation Details:


  • Motivational presentation & group coaching session
  • Interaction between attendees
  • Interactive exercises

This workshop can be conducted in person or virtually through a variety of online coaching tools. Time and fees are customized for your group or company’s needs.

Benefits of Courage and Vulnerability to your group or company:

  • Empower your people to have the difficult conversations that need to be had, with courage, compassion and a mindset of co-creation;
  • Embrace openness and authenticity as pathways to greater engagement and a culture of trust and respect;
  • Energize your people to stop worrying about what others might think or what could go wrong and start getting excited about bringing their strengths forward and what they have the potential to create;
  • Set off a domino effect of courageous vulnerability that will take your organization to greater and greater heights.

If you are interested in joining the speaking circuit or would like to learn more, contact Melissa today!