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Melissa Dawn is Coach & Founder of CEO of Your Life.

As a life coach, business coach and motivational speaker, Melissa provides step-by-step guidance on how to free yourself from your day job to create a life and business you are excited to wake up to. But not just excited – orgasmically joyful.

Melissa left her successful career as an award-winning VP in business and marketing because she wasn’t satisfied with just “creating successful products, marketing campaigns, and surpassing sales objectives.” Melissa wanted to be of greater service to others – to help professionals and business owners get out of the place they are not happy in by helping them to identify their unique value and learn how to bring it forward with confidence in life and business. She guides them in connecting with their hearts to make decisions from that inner guidance instead of from their heads. She believes that when people make decisions from that place, the path they choose is much more fulfilling.

Melissa is a contributor to the Huffington Post and, has been featured on many podcasts such as Entrepreneur on Fire, as well as Breakfast Television, CJAD Radio, the Edmonton Journal, and more.

She is a certified coach and trained energy practitioner. Her CEO of Your Life & Business VIP Coaching Program, CEO of Your Life & Business Online Course and Be True to You Motivational Speaking Presentations attract thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Expertise / Speaking Points:
Why I Chose the Words “Orgasmically Joyful” for my Tagline (Even Though Everyone Told Me Not To) 

I discuss:
How does one know when they are crossing the line of professionalism in business? What is the line? Who decides? Most people let others decide. Sticking to one’s core values and taking risks might cost an opportunity or two, but it will attract many more because a brand representation that’s true to our core values will attract the kind of clients we’ll love working with;

  • How to use one’s lived experience to set their business apart and attract their ideal clients;
  • How professionals can ensure their presentation across all outward aspects of their business – website, business cards, social media, etc. – reflects and honors their values.
Entrepreneurship: How to Build a Full Time Business Doing Something You Are Orgasmically Joyful About

I coach professionals and entrepreneurs on how to:

  • Determine the focus of your new business;
  • Set a solid foundation of core values and life purpose (and why these are critical to a successful and meaningful business);
  • Build a website and social media presence that attracts the right people and opportunities;
  • Effectively launch a new business;
  • Develop long term marketing and business strategies for continued success.
Business Coaching: How I Built a 6-Figure Business in Four Months Using LinkedIn as a Growth Engine

I coach professionals and entrepreneurs on how to:

  • Create a profile that brings out their true values and personality;
  • Use different calls-to-action to attract the opportunities and clients they love;
  • Increase a profile’s visibility and effectiveness.
Professional Development: How to Build a LinkedIn Profile That Attracts the Right Opportunities For You and Your Company

This program is intended for businesses wanting to coach employees in professional development. I also bring a photographer to take professional LinkedIn profile pictures.

I guide professionals on::

  • Why LinkedIn is important, even when not job hunting;
  • Customizing your profile to be a reflection of your personal brand and inner truth;
  • Infusing your core values and life purpose to attract the right people and opportunities for you and your company;
  • Developing habits and strategies to continually grow and nurture your network.
Company Profile
CEO of Your Life & Business VIP Program

This intensive one-on-one coaching program guides coachees, every step of the way, in building a life and business that is as meaningful as it is successful, and that they are truly orgasmically joyful about.

It starts by helping people get to know themselves better. We work hand in hand with clients to determine their core values, life purpose and how to tune into their higher self. Together, we uncover their true strengths and passions, and where those fit into their life and business.

Using this as our foundation, we start creating a brand in a way that they and their business are an outward presentation of their inner conviction. Together, we develop marketing materials, websites, profiles, social media, online marketing and print materials that are fully aligned with the client’s values and life purpose.

When a person puts their true self out there, they attract the kind of clients, customers and partners that resonate with their message and that they truly enjoy working with.

Working hand in hand with clients, we provide business and marketing tools to ensure they make more than enough money to replace your day job, and ensure they are replacing it with something truly meaningful and joyful.

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CEO of Your Life & Business Course

This course consists of 12 introductory modules completed online, at the client’s own pace. They are guided through determining their core values and life purpose, how (and why) to build a business aligned with their true self, constructing a personal brand that reflects their values and purpose, marketing, business and time management strategies for long term growth and success, and much more.

At the heart of this course is helping people create an outward presentation of their inner conviction in order to attract the clients, customers, partners and opportunities that resonate with their message, and bring joy and meaning to the work that they do.

This course also provides a free one-on-one session, monthly group coaching calls, and access to the CEO of Your Life community where community members connect, collaborate and support each other in their journeys.

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CEO of Your Life Motivational Presentations

Whether it be for a small meeting or a large company retreat, Melissa is able to bring her expertise to the stage and meaningfully engage with audiences. Ideal for professionals or entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants to make a change in their life. Melissa’s series of motivational presentations are able to inspire participants while also teaching them practical life and business skills.

Able to speak on a variety of topics, from personal wellness to effective marketing strategies, Melissa can engage an audience of any kind. What truly sets Melissa apart is her desire to see people succeed. Melissa just doesn’t present, she ensures her audience leave with a newfound set of tools and sense of wellbeing that will guide them on their path to success.

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Book (Launched internationally on Amazon July 23rd, 2017)
I Attract What I Am – Transforming Failure Into An Orgasmically Joyful Life & Business

I Attract What I Am is a healing and informative book about transforming failures and creating an orgasmically joyful life & business.

Author Melissa Dawn authentically shares her personal journey through two experiences with divorce, leaving her position as the VP of Marketing as a single mother to creating a successful and truly meaningful life and business that is heart-led and joy-inspired.



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