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Melissa Dawn Is Founder of CEO of Your Life

Melissa Dawn Guides Executives to Stand in Their Power and Become the Powerful Leaders They Know They Are Meant to Be

Melissa Dawn is a renowned executive coach who supports executives in stepping into their full power by harnessing her 20+ years of corporate experience, 10+ years of coach training, and 8,000+ hours of hands-on coaching. 

Through her inspirational, fun and holistic approach, Melissa guides executives, teams and organizations to get to the heart of what holds them back, uncover what fuels them, and step into their full power, so that they can show up with confidence, courage, clarity and connection. Many of today’s executives and high-level leaders appear to have it all together. Underneath, they’re often struggling with these key elements, and with knowing their worth. Melissa takes a comprehensive approach to supporting and guiding executives in recognizing their inherent worth, stepping into their power, developing their confidence and clarity, harnessing positive influence, and fully becoming the leader, and the person, they know they are meant to be.

Melissa began her career as a Promotional Assistant, worked her way up to VP of Marketing, and went on to build her coaching firm, CEO of Your Life, from the ground up. Throughout her journey, she worked through mergers and acquisitions, layoffs and reorganizations, has hired and led teams, handled change management, worked across cultures and countries (including 4 years working abroad), led difficult conversations, broadened her comfort zones, and developed her experience with positive influence, team engagement, employee development and more.

With both a corporate and coaching background, Melissa leads with compassion in supporting clients with whatever is coming up (personally and professionally), and to act as a soundboard – someone to help look at things differently, navigate uncertainty, build confidence and clarity in decision-making, and take unconditional responsibility for how they show up and the impact they want to create. 

Melissa is a bilingual speaker, author, trainer and coach who has worked with executives at Microsoft, Intuit, Coca-Cola, Chevron, Kroger, Pfizer, Sherwin-Williams, Bell Canada, PSP Investments, and more. She is certified by the International Coach Federation as a Master Certified Coach (MCC), Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), a Certified Team Performance Coach (CTPC) and a Conscious Leadership Coach. She speaks English, French and conversational Spanish, holds a Bachelor of Commerce, is a contributor to the Huffington Post, Thrive Global and Entrepreneur and is regularly featured on top podcast, radio and television programs. She is the author of two books, I Attract What I Am and Why Can’t I Just Be Me?, and has been named one of Hubspot’s best business coaches internationally for 5 years running.

Today, Melissa enjoys supporting executives and groups to create powerful shifts within themselves that translate to impactful leadership within their organizations.

If you would like to speak with Melissa directly about press inquiries, or to learn more about her coaching programs, workshops or keynotes, we invite you to connect.

If you are looking to inspire your leadership or teams to unleash their inner leaders and take themselves and the organization to the next level, let’s connect.

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Melissa crafts workshops and keynotes that help attendees get clear on where they are and what matters to them, so that they can unleash their inner leader and take authorship of their next chapter. See all workshops and keynotes in Melissa’s renowned Be True to You series.

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Melissa’s Leadership and Team Performance Coaching programs take a deep dive into the inner workings of your organization and leadership to solve issues at their core and transform the organization from the inside out. See all of Melissa’s powerful coaching programs.

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Melissa’s bestselling book, I Attract What I Am, is a healing and transformative journey of taking perceived failures and turning them into an orgasmically joyful life and business that you love waking up to.

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Amazon International Best Selling Book

Why Can’t I Just Be Me?  

Remove the Masks that Hide You from the World and from Yourself

Do you feel you are continuously looking outside yourself to find yourself? Do you feel like you can drop your masks, speak your truth, and bring your whole self forward with the people around you? In this book, Melissa shares her story and coaching tips to hopefully inspire you to look behind your own masks to discover the incredible, brilliant, deeply human, and deeply worthy YOU waiting to step into the light.
5 Steps to Help You Attract Your Soulmate
Amazon International Best Selling Book

I Attract What I Am – Transforming Failure Into An Orgasmically Joyful Life and Business

Melissa shares the story of how she navigated a difficult life journey to successfully create a meaningful life and business that is heart-led and joy-inspired. She clung to the belief that anything was possible and took full control of her life. Discover the practical steps and key strategies she used to transform failures and create an orgasmically joyful life and business.

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