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Live Workshops with Melissa

Be True to You Series

Ready to take your company or group to the next level? Melissa’s holistic approach delivers unconventional and highly impactful workshops, interactive talks and group coaching sessions that help attendees tap into their core truth, their unique talents and strengths, and their leader within so that they can bring it all forward with confidence.

The keys to connection in the emerging workplace environment


The keys to connection in the emerging workplace environment


Getting unstuck so you can approach
work and life with a wholeness that truly fulfills you


Creating engagement and success in challenging times

Melissa Dawn presenting at a workshop

Melissa Dawn – Speaker, Coach, Founder & Bestselling Author

Ready to take your organization to the next level? Melissa’s holistic approach delivers unconventional and highly impactful workshops, interactive talks and group coaching sessions that get attendees in touch with their core truth so they can tap into their leader within, uncover their unique strengths, and bring it all forward with confidence in all that they do.

As an Executive and Leadership Coach, Melissa helps guide people to uncover their inner truth – the voice inside themselves telling them what is truly right for them – so that they can make positive transformations in their personal and professional lives.

There is a leader within all of us – a leader that you can bring to any role and any situation to inspire positive results for both yourself and those around you. When you are tapped into your core self, your leader within, you are empowered to set goals and aspirations that truly excite you and drive you forward. You are able to bring your true self and your unique strengths to all that you do, with courage, confidence and the vulnerability to keep striving for growth. You are also able to inspire and lead others by connecting with courage and compassion, having the difficult conversations that need to be had, and building the trust needed for everyone to bring out their best selves, in all that they do.

By tapping into your core self you will begin to let go of the masks that hold you back and get so comfortable being your true self that you have a domino effect on those around you, creating ripples of positive change within the organization.

As a motivational speaker

As a motivational speaker, Melissa crafts genuine, inspiring and (most importantly) fun presentations and workshops that help people connect with their leader within and learn how to bring it forward with confidence and courage.

Her process begins by getting vulnerable – an approach that takes courage, but delivers impactful, sustainable benefits – with taking an honest look at what is going on inside, then asking a series of powerful questions. The answers to these questions help people understand exactly where they are in all aspects of life, how they are currently showing up both personally and professionally, how they want to show up going forward and what they need to do to get there.

As anyone in a demanding role knows, it can be impossible to separate your personal and professional life. When you experience stress or struggles in one area, it almost always spills over into other areas, making it difficult to succeed, no matter what your goals. But, when you approach leadership in a holistic way, by first assessing your whole life situation, you are able to strengthen yourself from the inside out, and bring forward stronger, more confident leadership that is a true reflection of your inner self. It takes courage, but when you do it, you are empowered to take authorship of your life and continually take yourself to greater heights, inspire others and create a life you are truly fired up about.

Melissa is the Amazon international best selling author of I Attract What I Am – Transform Failure Into an Orgasmically Joyful Life & Business. Her second book is set to be released in 2023.

Melissa’s Be True to You speaking series highlights how bringing your true self to all areas of your life helps you achieve truly meaningful success, and gives you the tools you need to make it happen.

Melissa is a dynamic, humorous and very courageous coach. She organized a very enjoyable activity … I wish her a lot of success!

Melissa is truly a fantastic speaker. At every occasion I have seen her speak, she delivered professional and authentic work. She is charismatic, brave and creative, and she thinks outside the box. She has excellent speaking skills and develops a true rapport with her audience while advocating mutual respect. Her mix of authenticity, experience and knowledge on different subject matter makes her stand out as a very unique speaker. Melissa’s speaking has impacted me, my business and my career in a tremendous way. I recommend Melissa to any Fortune 500, Firm or Startup that dares to bravely improve and excel with a positive attitude and heartfelt energy.

It was evident that Melissa put an amazing amount of preparation into the materials and handouts she created for her workshop. Her message was insightful, engaging, and exciting. As a speaker she was able to facilitate the group in a way to better communicate what was unique about them. It was a great experience.

Melissa, I want to thank you for saying yes to speaking to our group of women. You were 100% prepared, professional and perfectly poised, grabbing all our attention. With not a whole lot of time, you managed to pack in plenty of thought-provoking ideas about discovering our 3 top values and how staying true to them makes for a more joyful life. And, you even fit in a fun, interactive exercise too! Full of light and positive energy, Melissa, you rocked it!

“Melissa Dawn is not only a life coach and author of an international amazon best seller, but she is a person that connects on an individual level to each person she meets.” We had the honor and privilege to have Melissa as a guest speaker at “THE SINGLE PARENT FOUNDATION.”.

As founder and executive director of the organization, I can say that she is a compassionate and amazing human being.

Through her workshop she has inspired many single moms and has given them back the confidence they lacked. She is an amazing human being who is passionate about helping people live the life they always wanted.