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Create a life that is a true reflection of you - one you'll love waking up to!

Do any of these feel familiar?
  • You’re unhappy with your current life.
  • You feel “stuck” like you’re going around in circles not knowing how to move through or out of your current situation.
  • You feel misaligned with who you truly are.
  • There is a voice inside you telling you to move in a different direction but you’re unsure if you should listen or how to tune into it fully.
  • You want to move ahead but don’t know how.
  • You struggle with identifying your true self and your values.
  • You would like to create a life or a business that is a true reflection of who you are but aren’t sure how.
  • If you feel any of the above, I’ve developed a step-by-step guide to help you:
  • Become the CEO of your life.
  • Gain clarity on identifying what you truly want.
  • Move through and out of the place where you’re struggling, to a place where you’re happy.
  • Get acquainted with who you truly are, your unique value and how to live it every day with confidence in your life and business.
  • Remove and overcome roadblocks holding you back from what you are truly meant to do.
  • Create a personal brand (and maybe even a business) and life aligned with the essence of who are you and who you want to become.
  • Attract opportunities and clients you love and are right for you.
  • Establish strategies to ensure you are continuously taking steps towards the life you truly want to create.
  • Tune into your inner voice and heed where it is guiding you.
  • Bride the connection between your heart and your mind.
  • When you are clear on what you truly want, what is most important to you and you build your values and purpose into all that you do, you’ll create a life that is truly joyful…even orgasmically joyful…a life you are excited to wake up to each day.



How to Become The CEO of Your Life

You are the CEO of your Life – the captain of your ship. It’s up to you to set your course towards the life you truly want to create.

Many of us follow paths that have been set out for us. We do what others expect; what we’ve been told we should do or what we think we’re supposed to do. Maybe your parents had certain expectations. Maybe you started a job years ago and fell into a career path that isn’t the right fit for you. Maybe you’ve been looking at what family, friends or colleagues are doing and trying to follow a path influenced by others.

None of these are right for you if they don’t feel right in your heart. You know that feeling, instinctively; the gut feeling that something is missing and that there’s more to life than simply earning a paycheck and rushing every day, continuing to do something you don’t truly love just  settling for that paycheck. That feeling is your intuition telling you it’s time for a change; time to become the CEO of your Life.

To become the CEO of your Life, you’ll need to set a course that brings you a child-like joy; one where the roots are based on your core values, your life purpose and deep inner truth. Using these as your foundation for everything you create and every decision you make is how you’ll build a life and business that brings joy and meaning to your life. It’s how you’ll feel excited to wake up each day. It truly is how to be the CEO of YOU.

I’ve created each of my coaching program options to guide you to uncover your core values and inner truth. I will help you understand what is most important to you and what you want to create. I will show you how to connect with your heart and make decisions from that place instead of just from your head. It’s your heart that knows you best and will guide you towards what is best for you. Instinct, intuition, inner voice… whatever you want to call it, it’s the key to becoming the CEO of your Life.

I will give you the tools, learned through my 20+ years of business and marketing experience that will help you successfully launch your new life (and maybe even) business, so that you’ll continue to shine bright and attract the people you’ll love working with because they are aligned with you.

Once we lay that critical groundwork together, we’ll move on to charting your path and map out the steps you’ll need to take to move towards your dream by overcoming any roadblocks that may stand in your way. We’ll build a brand and marketing content that reflects your inner truth and attract the opportunities that are right for you. All my coaching programs are designed to be flexible to allow you to create your exciting new life at a pace that’s comfortable and fits into your schedule.

If you are ready to become the CEO of Your Life or the CEO of Your Life & Business, click on the CEO of Your Life Academy page to find the coaching program that’s right for you.  

If you are interested in inviting me as a speaker for your group, please visit my Speaking page to learn more about the Be True To You Speaking Series.

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