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Melissa has helped people and organizations all over the world take themselves to the next level by leading with courage, compassion and confidence.

Her programs are unconventional, holistic and fun, blending western ideology, eastern philosophy and proven coaching techniques developed by top coaches, educational institutions and business leaders.

Her approach is rooted in the belief that mastering leadership, inspiring others, building great teams and creating amazing organizations all starts with mastering leadership of the self. Her programs guide people to take full authorship of our own lives, so that they are empowered to lead from the heart, creating space and support for those around them to bring their best selves to everything that they do. That’s how we create better people, better communities, better businesses and a better world.

Below are Melissa’s most popular programs, most of which can be tailored to your specific needs and goals.

If you have questions or would like to check availability, connect with Melissa here.

Melissa is a dynamic, humorous and very courageous coach. She organized a very enjoyable activity … I wish her a lot of success!

Melissa is truly a fantastic speaker. At every occasion I have seen her speak, she delivered professional and authentic work. She is charismatic, brave and creative, and she thinks outside the box. She has excellent speaking skills and develops a true rapport with her audience while advocating mutual respect. Her mix of authenticity, experience and knowledge on different subject matter makes her stand out as a very unique speaker. Melissa’s speaking has impacted me, my business and my career in a tremendous way. I recommend Melissa to any Fortune 500, Firm or Startup that dares to bravely improve and excel with a positive attitude and heartfelt energy.

It was evident that Melissa put an amazing amount of preparation into the materials and handouts she created for her workshop. Her message was insightful, engaging, and exciting. As a speaker she was able to facilitate the group in a way to better communicate what was unique about them. It was a great experience.

Melissa, I want to thank you for saying yes to speaking to our group of women. You were 100% prepared, professional and perfectly poised, grabbing all our attention. With not a whole lot of time, you managed to pack in plenty of thought-provoking ideas about discovering our 3 top values and how staying true to them makes for a more joyful life. And, you even fit in a fun, interactive exercise too! Full of light and positive energy, Melissa, you rocked it!

“Melissa Dawn is not only a life coach and author of an international amazon best seller, but she is a person that connects on an individual level to each person she meets.” We had the honor and privilege to have Melissa as a guest speaker at “THE SINGLE PARENT FOUNDATION.”.

As founder and executive director of the organization, I can say that she is a compassionate and amazing human being.

Through her workshop she has inspired many single moms and has given them back the confidence they lacked. She is an amazing human being who is passionate about helping people live the life they always wanted.

Your Personal Coach

Most of us were raised to look outside ourselves for validation, approval and acceptance. But, when you do that, you get caught in an endless and exhausting uphill battle, constantly seeking more acknowledgement and validation. And, when you do that, you rob yourself and the world of the amazing person that you truly are – the unique strengths and values you have to offer.

This is true for people at all levels, in all roles, and at all stages of life. It can be especially true for those in leadership roles, where how well you lead yourself impacts how well you lead those around you.

With Melissa Dawn as your personal coach, you will build a clear picture of exactly where you are in all areas of life – personal and professional – to understand how each area impacts the others. You will learn how to connect with your inner leader, uncover your core values and unique strengths, and be empowered to bring it all forward, bravely and unapologetically.

As you do the work, guided by Melissa as your personal coach, you will begin to show up more and more as your true self, with courage and confidence. You will transform the way you approach your personal and professional life, learn how to have the difficult conversations with yourself and others, and start building a life of courage, trust, resilience and joy, taking yourself and those around you to new heights.

Ready to become the CEO of Your Life?

The Coaching Program includes:
  • The CEO of Your Life video modules.**

  • One-on-one sessions with Melissa*

  • Assignments to support the sessions.

    This is where you create your own magic, where you do some serious work and where the real results are achieved. The good news is that you won’t be alone. You’ll have specific tasks and goals determined together. Each time you and Melissa work together during a session or email check-in, you will co-assess your progress and continually adjust and elevate your efforts to move ahead to your next level.

  • Two books chosen based on your unique situation and goals, and a signed copy of Melissa’s bestselling book.

    I Attract What I AmTransforming Failure Into an Orgasmically Joyful Life & Business guides you through the steps Melissa took to turn her life around and how you too can transform wherever you are now into where you want to be.

    *The number and frequency of sessions varies depending on each VIP’s unique situation, and will be co-determined with Melissa before coaching begins.

Melissa Dawn reading a book

This is a holistic, truly unique program that is customized to your individual needs, goals and lifestyle. As a Leadership Coach, Melissa is particularly attuned to the unique challenges leaders face in work and in life. This program is open to people at all phases of their journey, in all roles and at all levels. The only requirement is that you be fully committed to doing the work, accepting accountability and taking full authorship of your personal and professional life.

Our Other Program Includes:
Executive Business Coaching courses

Executive Business Coaching


CEO of Your Life Academy


VIP Personal & Leadership Coaching

Ready to take a step forward?

What does our CEO of Your Life VIP leadership coaching program include? Here are some things you can expect in one-on-one coaching, depending on your stage in your journey:

hand holding bracelets meditating

Phase 1

CEO of Your Life VIP Coaching – Unleash Your Inner Leader

This phase is about getting to the core of who you are and where you are, right now, in all areas of your life. Whether you are in a leadership role or not, your inner leader is that part of yourself that knows, intuitively, what truly is best for you. Connecting with your inner leader sets a powerful foundation of guidance that will see you through this journey, and beyond.

  • Determine your core values and life purpose;
  • Connect with your inner leader;
  • Uncover your strengths;
  • Build a big picture vision of what you want to create;
  • Establish a 360° view of your life today:
    • Business/Career
    • Relationships
    • Wealth
    • Health
    • Personal fulfillment

Phase 2

CEO of Your Life VIP Coaching, Phase 2 – Dive In

Once you have your big picture vision, we will break it down into actionable into steps, tapping into your inner leader and core values to guide the process. These steps will be tailored to your pace, and be designed to actively move you forward daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly.

This phase may sound scary or overwhelming from where you are now, but the deep introspective work of Phase 1 is what sets your foundation, provides your guidance and starts to develop the resilience and clarity to see you through.

Phase 3

CEO of Your Life VIP Coaching, Phase 3 – Bring Your Best Self Forward, Bravely and Unapologetically

The unique strengths and values that you’ve uncovered and built up and now ready to be brought forward into the world, with courage and confidence.

In this phase, we establish key strategies and design a personal blueprint of techniques for continual success. Together, we make a clear plan and stock your toolkit with what you need to keep yourself on course and true to who you are.


Feel this is of interest to you? Here is a checklist to see if VIP coaching is right for you :-)

  • BE willing to ask yourself some honest questions and be ready for the answers.

  • BE positive and embrace an “anything is possible” mindset.

  • BE willing to make real (sometimes difficult, but always positive) changes in your life.

  • BE committed to doing the assignments in between sessions in order to elevate your success to the next level!

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