This 6 month program covers everything you need to transition from your day job to creating a full time business you love.

You will learn so much more than just how to build a successful business. You will learn how to create an orgasmically joyful life and business!

The CEO of Your Life VIP Program offers exclusive one-on-one coaching to guide you every step of the way in building your orgasmically joyful life & business.


CEO of Your Life Coaching Program (6 months)

This program will be personalized to your unique needs, passions and business. Here are some of the areas I will guide you through:

CEO of Your Life, Phase 1 – Uncover Your True Self (1 month)
Uncover your true self and create your big picture vision for a life and business that reflect your values, purpose and lived experience. This establishes your foundation for all future decisions and planning.

  • Determining your core values and life purpose;
  • Realizing your strengths and passions;
  • Creating a big picture vision that encompasses your:
    – Business
    – Relationships;
    – Wealth;
    – Spiritual life;
    – Health;
    – Personal fulfillment.

CEO of Your Life, Phase 2 – Build and Launch Your Business (3 months)
Create a brand and business that reflect your true self, your values and purpose. This is the outward representation of your true self.

  • Build your brand to align with the vision created in Phase 1;
  • Remove obstacles and overcome hurdles that stand in the way of making what you truly want happen;
  • Determine buyer personas that continually attract your ideal clients;
  • Create a website and web presence that aligns with your vision and reflects your true self;
  • Set appropriate pricing structures;
  • Learn how and why to use Google Analytics;
  • Build a sustainable online database;
  • Strategically launch and share your brand.

CEO of Your Life, Phase 3 – Plan For Long Term Growth (2 months)
Establish strategies and learn techniques for continual success. Keep yourself on course and true to your core values and life purpose.

  • Develop a measurable game plan to continually move forward with ease;
  • Plan out content marketing and blogging that aligns with your brand and purpose;
  • Establish a social media plan that works for you and reflects your core values;
  • Grow your business through alliances and valuable relationships;
  • Learn how to:
    – Sell through ‘speaking’;
    – Conduct powerful webinars;
    – Get the right kind of media attention;
    – Create successful email campaigns;
    – Use Google Analytics to continually adjust your strategies for success.
For the next 6 months you will have:
  • My full support every step of the way in helping you reach your targets.
  • 18 live coaching sessions with me via Skype or phone.
  • 6 email check-ins for the weeks we don’t meet over Skype. These emails are for you to share what is working and what isn’t so that I know where you are in terms of successes and roadblocks. If there are roadblocks, we will address them together to get you back on track as quickly as possible. These check-ins will help propel you forward much faster.
  • Homework in between sessions. This is where the real work happens, but you won’t be alone. You’ll have assigned tasks and goals that we’ve determined together for you to work on between sessions. When we come together for a session or email check-in, we’ll assess your progress and continually adjust and ramp up your efforts to keep taking things to the next level.
Additional services:
  • Copy-Writing*
  • Website creation
  • Personal branding photos
  • Design
  • Search engine optimization

*These services are provided by my team

Additional Programs:
  • The CEO of Your Life & Business Course provides 12 introductory modules you can complete online, plus extra support from myself and the CEO of Your Life community. Learn more here >
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