Create Your Business From Your Heart – Webinar Part II

Funny thing happened to me.

I inadvertently sent out my eBook to a few people who subscribed to my latest webinar due to an automated email configuration. One woman did not quite appreciate it and sent me the following message:

“Your orgasmic language is deplorable… and… my orgasms are none of your business!” 

Whoa….I couldn’t believe it….me, deplorable? I got hurt for a few seconds and then I started to laugh.

You see, my tagline was not just something I came out with on a whim. It took me months of thought and soul-searching. I know my tagline is bold, yet it’s based on my truth, and it’s based on my life purpose. I want to guide as many people as possible to create orgasmically joyful lives and careers. And by orgasmically joyful I mean being EXTREMELY happy and loving life.

This woman reacting this way just means that she is not my ideal client. My ideal clients resonate with the way I speak.  It’s by being bold and by speaking your truth from your heart, that you attract the ideal clients to you.

In the first Heart Based Business Coaching webinar John Germain Leto & myself presented, we spoke about knowing your truth. In this second webinar, we present how to use your truth as the “guiding light” to build your business.

 In this webinar, you will discover:

– How to speak your truth in all of the ways that you communicate including your website text, in your newsletters and blogs, in social media, and more.

– How to speak your truth authentically and yet in a way that is easily understood, when asked the question, “So, What do you do?”

– Experience a powerful guided journey to clear away your barriers to being fully visible so that you feel safe enough to speak your truth.

You can watch it here:

Speak Your Truth -Create Your Business from Your Heart, Part II

I kook forward to connecting with you and guiding you in creating a successful business from your heart.

Here is to you being the CEO of your life!