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How Non-Attachment Can Enrich Your Life and Ground You in the Present

Tell me… are you suffering? You may have heard the Buddhist saying, “The root of suffering is attachment.” Or the quote, “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” We suffer when we lose what we’re attached to, or from the idea of losing what we’re attached to, or in our efforts to hold onto what we’re […]

Is Employee Redeployment Part of Your Corporate Culture?

Tell me… is an employee redeployment process part of your corporate culture plan? Have you considered its role in employee engagement? Retention? Growth and development? If not, you should. When done right, a strong redeployment strategy: Keeps your best people happy Costs way less than hiring and firing Can help prevent and alleviate burnout In […]

Is Your Corporate Culture Causing Imposter Syndrome?

Imposter syndrome. It’s that feeling that you aren’t worthy. That you’re a fraud. That any day now, someone’s going to realize you’ve snuck into someplace you don’t belong, and you’ll be kicked to the curb. Imposter syndrome causes people to struggle with confidence and self-worth. They tend to be high achievers, but the pressure they […]

What is the Ikigai Concept and Can it Bring You Purpose?

Tell me… have you heard of the ikigai concept? Ikigai is a Japanese word to describe a way of being that revolves around purpose. It’s about creating an overall approach to life that is inherently meaningful and fulfilling. In many interpretations, ikigai is understood as one’s reason for getting up in the morning. Ikigai isn’t […]

What is a Sand Painting and How Can it Help You Develop Your Inner Leader?

Tell me… when was the last time you tried something fully outside your circle of familiarity? You are constantly creating your world through every choice, action, word and so on. When you step outside your typical way of being, you infuse your world with the richness of new experiences and perspectives. This doesn’t just impact […]

How Does Servant Leadership Build Strong Organizations (and strong people)?

Servant leadership empowers the brilliance of others. It’s being a champion for your people, uncovering their unique strengths and talents, seeking out opportunities for them to grow and shining a spotlight on their value, contribution and potential. It’s a commitment to being aware of your own impact and making it your mission to harness your […]

Networking Tips to Cultivate Meaningful Connections

Let me ask you… does the idea of networking feel uncomfortable, shallow or fake to you? Business networking can get a bad rap because the intention behind it – either the networking itself, or the abundance of networking advice floating around – tends to lack the human connection that makes networking both successful and meaningful […]