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5 Positive Ways to Overcome Betrayal in Life and Business

Have you ever felt betrayed by someone? It’s happened to me a few times, personally and professionally. Funny how it often happens with the people we trust the most -- the people we least expect. I was angry. I was hurt. How could people I love and trust so much betray me in such a way? Many thoughts raced through my mind: Do I confront them? Do I expose them? How do I handle this?
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Are You Ready To Create A Sexy LinkedIn Profile?

Learn how to create a sexy LinkedIn profile that is a true reflection of you. This will attract the right clients and opportunities to you.
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How to Launch a Business Everyone Thinks You Shouldn’t

Have you ever had a business idea everyone thought was a bad one? Where friends, family and everyone around you said, “Don't do it”? Where, despite the naysayers, deep down, you still felt it was right for you?
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8 Reasons To Become An Entrepreneur

Do you dream of starting your own business, but hesitate from…
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3 Marketing Secrets To Attracting Clients You Love

Imagine…. Having a life and business that you love waking…
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Would You Accept Coaching From A Cow?

Tell me… would you accept coaching… from a cow? I had…
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2 Questions To Find Your Niche & Fuel A Successful Business

Tell me, what do you think is the scariest, but also most profitable commitment you can make to your business? I believe… it’s thinking niche! Think about it. You are starting a business. You want (and need!) to make sales. Of course you don’t want to say no to anyone. Naturally, the idea of targeting a very specific market - thereby excluding others - is scary.
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Why Future You Should Make All Your Decisions

If you’re working for a company, or living your life under someone else’s conditions, the work you do is contributing to someone else’s dream. Is that what you truly want? How about taking steps towards building your own personal brand, your own dream?
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6 Tips for Creating a Sexy Logo

I recently created something of great significance to me and my business… a sexy new logo. As a business owner, your logo will be everywhere – on your website, social media profiles, promotional materials, business cards and more.
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Have You Broken Your Paycheck Addiction?

Do you dream of creating a full time business doing something you absolutely love, but are held back by the security of a regular paycheck? That feeling of security could actually be an addiction! This article even compared it to crack cocaine.
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6 Tips to Successfully Transition From Your Day Job to Your Own Business

Many of you reading this right now are working for someone else -- helping someone else build their dream. But you probably have a dream of your own that thrills and excites you. And if you’re like most people, you have two main worries holding you back from making the leap: “How will I replace my day job income?” “I have an idea for a business, but no idea where to start!”

5 Good Karma Tips to Grow Your Business

Business school teaches us the basics of how to run a business.…
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Melissa Dawn – Speaker, Coach & Founder of CEO of Your Life

Ready to take your company or group to the next level? Melissa’s holistic approach delivers unconventional and highly impactful workshops, interactive talks and group coaching sessions that get attendees in touch with their core truth so that they can discover what they are meant to do on this earth and bring it forward into the world.

Melissa is a dynamic, humorous and very courageous coach. She organized a very enjoyable activity … I wish her a lot of success!

Melissa is truly a fantastic speaker. At every occasion I have seen her speak, she delivered professional and authentic work. She is charismatic, brave and creative, and she thinks outside the box. She has excellent speaking skills and develops a true rapport with her audience while advocating mutual respect. Her mix of authenticity, experience and knowledge on different subject matter makes her stand out as a very unique speaker. Melissa’s speaking has impacted me, my business and my career in a tremendous way. I recommend Melissa to any Fortune 500, Firm or Startup that dares to bravely improve and excel with a positive attitude and heartfelt energy.

It was evident that Melissa put an amazing amount of preparation into the materials and handouts she created for her workshop. Her message was insightful, engaging, and exciting. As a speaker she was able to facilitate the group in a way to better communicate what was unique about them. It was a great experience.

Melissa, I want to thank you for saying yes to speaking to our group of women. You were 100% prepared, professional and perfectly poised, grabbing all our attention. With not a whole lot of time, you managed to pack in plenty of thought-provoking ideas about discovering our 3 top values and how staying true to them makes for a more joyful life. And, you even fit in a fun, interactive exercise too! Full of light and positive energy, Melissa, you rocked it!

“Melissa Dawn is not only a life coach and author of an international amazon best seller, but she is a person that connects on an individual level to each person she meets.” We had the honor and privilege to have Melissa as a guest speaker at “THE SINGLE PARENT FOUNDATION.”.

As founder and executive director of the organization, I can say that she is a compassionate and amazing human being.

Through her workshop she has inspired many single moms and has given them back the confidence they lacked. She is an amazing human being who is passionate about helping people live the life they always wanted.