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Happy and Scared to Announce…

Have you ever had a voice inside you strongly and relentlessly insisting you take a certain direction in life? Did you listen to it?

Two years ago, my inner voice told me to write a book about a difficult, but transformative experience in my life. When I left my VP Marketing position as a single mother to create a successful and truly meaningful life and business that is heart-led and joy-inspired, I was also navigating the dating scene, post-divorce.

It was a challenging time and now my inner voice was demanding I tell the story.

Again and again, I pushed the voice aside. But it kept coming back, louder and louder. I even started getting messages in my sleep.

I was confused. I wasn’t crazy about writing a book, especially the part about dating after divorce. I found this too personal. Even my closest friends didn’t know all the details of that part of my journey.

The voice was persistent. It was driving me crazy! One day, I opened my laptop and just started writing. The inner me felt good. It felt like it was doing something I was meant to do. The chapters just started flowing. I actually had trouble narrowing down the content! Which means I now have content for more books to come.

 Today, I am both happy and scared to say that my first book, I Attract What I Am – Transforming Failures Into An Orgasmically Joyful Life and Business, will be launched internationally on Amazon, July 23rd, 2017.

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My happiness comes from putting my whole heart into this book. I am proud of it!

And I am scared. A part of me fears people might judge me and trash my journey. I keep telling my inner voice that it’s okay, that I have to focus on the big picture. In my heart, I know that sharing my journey in such a raw, honest way will inspire others and help them realize that they can, in any moment, choose to change directions and create a life they will be orgasmically joyful about too.

In my book, I share my failures and all the steps, tips and strategies I took to get to where I am today.

If you would like to pre order your copy of I Attract What I Am before July 23rd, 2017, you will receive a bonus worth $250 – Free access to the first four modules of my life-changing “CEO of Your Life & Business Course” to jump start your own transformative journey!  

These four modules will help you clarify your values, your life purpose, how to connect to your higher self and how to create a big picture vision of what you truly want while giving you the guidance and confidence to start taking the necessary steps towards it.

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