Motivating Leaders to Actualize.

Inspire Your Leaders to Take Themselves and Others to New Heights


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What does it mean to “actualize” yourself? The definition of “actualize” is to make something reality; to take something with the potential to happen, and make it actually happen.

So… are you not real? Of course you’re real. But if you, like many of us, wear masks of who you think you should be – the perfect leader, perfect partner, perfect colleague, perfect parent, etc. – who you are showing up as, is not who you truly are. 

Who we are deep down, at our core, within our hearts, is not always who we strive to be on the outside in our work, at home, in relationships and in everyday interactions with others. Instead, most of us strive to be some version of “ideal” – either who we’ve been told to be or who we think we should be.

Especially as leaders.

We’ve got that backwards. The ideal leader isn’t something external to work towards. Strong leadership comes from being confident in who you truly are, building up the strengths and values that are unique to you, and bringing it all forward with confidence and courage.

That’s what it means to actualize yourself – to get in touch with your true self, that amazing person you have the potential to be, and to make it reality. It takes courage. It takes work. It takes asking some tough questions and getting vulnerable in your answers. But it is so worth it.

Benefits of leadership in your organization

  • Empowers you to lead with clarity, knowing who you are, what you believe, and what you hold important;

  • Allows you to connect with others in a way that builds trust, respect and mutual support as you work towards common goals;

  • Helps others understand the why of your decisions and leadership approach;

  • Inspires work cultures that value progress and growth over perfection;

  • Empowers you to break free of negative patterns (procrastination, perfectionism, fear of failure, need to impress, etc) so that your full energy can go towards creativity, collaboration and growth.

In this workshop, I guide attendees to reconnect with their core selves, claim authorship of their own lives, and get so comfortable being their true selves that they have a domino effect on everyone around them, taking your organization to new heights.

It all begins with values.

Values matter because when you align with your values, you’re more likely to choose what’s right over what’s easy or comfortable. The joyful paradox, however, is that when you are really comfortable in your values, choosing what’s truly right for you does become the easy choice to make. Often, it’ll be the harder choice to carry out, but recognizing it’s what you need to do, will get easier.

This is how you build cultures of trust, and cultures of progress.

When leaders have the confidence, courage and clarity to make the hard decisions that need to be made – instead of going the safe route, or the “this is the way we’ve always done it” route – progress becomes the name of the game. When leaders take the lead, everyone gets more comfortable with trying new things, even if it means making mistakes. That doesn’t mean work gets sloppy. It means people are empowered to be creative, take initiative and break out of the status quo because they know that it’s the drive to try that will be celebrated; the opportunity for growth that will take the spotlight.


Leadership Workshop for Professionals with Melissa Dawn

Be True to You

Motivating Leaders to Actualize

Inspire Your Leaders to Take Themselves and Others to New Heights

  • Includes

    • Motivational presentation & group coaching session
    • Interaction between attendees
    • Interactive exercises

    Time and fees are customized for your group or company’s needs.

  • Benefits to your group or company:

    • Empower your leaders to build cultures of trust and progress that take your organization to new heights;
    • Develop a leadership approach of courage and openness that inspires employee engagement, productivity and collaboration;
    • Set off a domino effect of creativity, honesty, productivity, accountability and a drive to try, try and try again.

Melissa is currently coordinating a North American speaking circuit to help organizations take themselves and their members or employees to the next level of joy and success.

Time and fees are customized for your group or company’s needs.

If you are interested in joining the speaking circuit or would like to learn more, contact Melissa today!

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