What Was Your Dream Career As A Child?

What did you dream of being as a child?

What were some of your favourite activities then? What did you love about these activities? They hold clues to our passions and our potential dream career…

As a young girl, I used to collect postcards of all the places I wanted to visit in the world. I dreamed of being an airline stewardess, of discovering different cultures around the world.

That was my dream. I wanted to go into tourism.


My dad, the successful businessman, told me, “Tourism? Why limit yourself to tourism? Do your Bachelors of Commerce and this will open so many more doors for you. Business knowledge is the basis of everything in every industry. Once you complete this degree you can then choose to go into tourism or anywhere you want…”

Logically this made sense. So I heeded his advice. But I was miserable. I couldn’t stand the statistics and operations courses. It was so not me. However, it made business sense.

Looking back, the business knowledge came in very handy in my life. It’s definitely helped me a lot in starting and growing my own business. However, could I have come to this very same point by another path, a path where I enjoyed every moment of the journey? A path I was totally blissful about?

I believe so.

Our childhood dreams hold clues into what we may be naturally drawn to as adults. Children’s imaginations are not constricted by limiting thoughts and negative self-talk.

My advice to my son will always be to follow his passion, no matter what.

I believe in living the most fulfilling life possible. To me, the only way to do so is by listening to and following your heart. To have a meaningful career, it should come from a deeper place.

You CAN create any reality you choose, it’s just a matter of being willing to make it happen.

Are you now being who you wanted to be when you were growing up?

Do you feel totally fulfilled with the career you are in?

I am lucky in that I am living my dream career and that it provides me with the resources to follow my passion for travelling and discovering the world.

How old do you want to be when you are in your dream career?