Want 2018 to be Your Best Yet? Here are 6 CEO of Your Life Tips!

Tell me, do you feel you are in control of your life and on track…
Ready to Share Your Raw Truth In Your Business?

Ready to Share Your Raw Truth In Your Business?

I feel that many businesses display their logic - features and benefits of their product. Yet, when it comes to sharing emotions and stories, they’re afraid or don’t realize how impactful it is.
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The 5-Day LET GO of Negative Relationships Challenge

We’ve all been in situations where we want to end a relationship, whether it’s with a partner, a parent, a relative, a boss, a coworker, an ex-partner. Many of us feel we don’t have a choice, that nothing can be done - that there is no way out. We feel stuck. You do have a choice.
5 Ways to Lead Through Chaos and Uncertainty

5 Ways to Lead Through Chaos and Uncertainty

There’s no question this is an uncertain time. The way we show up now will have an impact way beyond this crisis.
When Do You Dare Bring the True You Out?

When Do You Dare Bring the True You Out?

How can you bring more of the true you into the world without being labelled? Without tons of judgment and assumptions?

How Do You Determine Your Life Purpose (and what to do once you have it)

Do you know your life purpose? Or, what to do with it once you know it?
Mask at work

How Dropping Your Masks Helps You Thrive at Work

Tell me… Do you have a “work self” and “home self? Most do! It’s our work persona - the mask of who we think we should be. In fact, many of us wear masks for all kinds of situations; in relationships, our community, with our families and more.

I Attract What I Am is Now Available on Audible

I Attract What I Am is the story of how, after feeling like I had hit rock bottom, I was able to connect with my inner voice, my guiding light, to uncover my purpose and create a life I truly love. Throughout the book, I share tips, strategies and coaching guidance to help you uncover the path that’s right for you.
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Are You Sabotaging Your Own Success?

Tell me, would you sabotage your own success? Of course not!…

Do You Know Where You Are On Your Map?

Tell me, do you know exactly where you are right now? I don’t…
How to gratefully handle and then make the most of professional rejection quote

How to Gracefully Handle and Then Make the Most of Professional Rejection

Have you ever felt rejected? I recently wrote an article that…
Would You Like To Say “Bye Bye, Boss”?

Would You Like To Say “Bye Bye, Boss”?

Are you at a point where you would love to say “Bye bye” to your boss? You want to start your own business. Maybe you know what kind of business, maybe you are unsure, but you do know that you want to work for yourself, to create a life and business you are excited to wake up to. Does that sound like you?
Where Is Your Finger Pointing?Photo by Gavin Åaker on Unsplash

Where Is Your Finger Pointing?

Are you unsatisfied in your current job? What is making it unsatisfying? Is…