Want 2018 to be Your Best Yet? Here are 6 CEO of Your Life Tips!

Tell me, do you feel you are in control of your life and on track…
Ready to Share Your Raw Truth In Your Business?

Ready to Share Your Raw Truth In Your Business?

I feel that many businesses display their logic - features and benefits of their product. Yet, when it comes to sharing emotions and stories, they’re afraid or don’t realize how impactful it is.
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The 5-Day LET GO of Negative Relationships Challenge

We’ve all been in situations where we want to end a relationship, whether it’s with a partner, a parent, a relative, a boss, a coworker, an ex-partner. Many of us feel we don’t have a choice, that nothing can be done - that there is no way out. We feel stuck. You do have a choice.
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8 Steps You Need To Take To Become The CEO Of Your Life

What does it mean to you to become the CEO of your life? To me, it means living the life you truly want. Doing what you want, when you want, the way you want. Here are 8 tips to guide you to becoming the CEO of your life.

5 Positive Ways to Overcome Betrayal in Life and Business

Have you ever felt betrayed by someone? It’s happened to me a few times, personally and professionally. Funny how it often happens with the people we trust the most -- the people we least expect. I was angry. I was hurt. How could people I love and trust so much betray me in such a way? Many thoughts raced through my mind: Do I confront them? Do I expose them? How do I handle this?
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How to Launch a Business Everyone Thinks You Shouldn’t

Have you ever had a business idea everyone thought was a bad one? Where friends, family and everyone around you said, “Don't do it”? Where, despite the naysayers, deep down, you still felt it was right for you?
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Would You Accept Coaching From A Cow?

Tell me… would you accept coaching… from a cow? I had…
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Why Future You Should Make All Your Decisions

If you’re working for a company, or living your life under someone else’s conditions, the work you do is contributing to someone else’s dream. Is that what you truly want? How about taking steps towards building your own personal brand, your own dream?
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I Did Something Out Of My Comfort Zone. Here’s How I Calmed My Nervousness.

Tell me, when you step out of your comfort zone, do you feel some type of nervousness? How do you handle it? A few weeks ago, I was invited to speak on CJAD Radio. I was so excited about the opportunity. But at the same time, I was really nervous!
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Don’t Let The Gremlins Keep You From Going After Your Dreams

Happy Spring! I hope you are enjoying the start of a whole new season. I like to see Spring as a brand new chapter in my life. Every Spring I make a point of creating something new. I have found that one of the best ways to bring in something new, is to let go of the things in my life that are no longer working for me. I feel when you can put that…
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Are You Doing A Year-End Review On Yourself?

Many businesses choose this time of year to review successes,…