Mascot of a cow in montreal old port

Would You Accept Coaching From A Cow?

Tell me… would you accept coaching… from a cow?

I had a truly unique experience that taught me, yes, some people will listen to a cow!

Let me explain. On a very hot day in summer, to celebrate International Coaching Day, I gathered with a group of coaches to offer free 15 minute coaching sessions to passersby in a busy part of the city. We wanted something to attract attention. So I opted to dance around, in public, in the heat, in a cow costume.It worked!

We attracted so many people! At one point, our group was so swamped with coachees, I ended up running a few coaching sessions. In my cow costume!

It was such an amazing experience. And not just because of the cow. It was amazing because giving back is so important to me. I truly believe that giving is fundamental to success in business.

When you give what you can, that generosity comes back to you. It plants positive seeds of good karma that will grow and flourish. Your actions will echo back on you and spread through the world.

So… just how much difference can a coach make in 15 minutes? Well, we had one woman completely change her depressed outlook and get excited about starting a new career, and a couple realize they were so happy in their relationship… that they would get married!

If you would like to hear more about cow costumes, coaching and giving back, please listen to my recent interview with Rob Lowe of the Giving Back Podcast.

In this interview, I also talk about a passion of mine – Kiva. Kiva is a non-profit organization that empowers you to truly make a difference in someone’s life by helping entrepreneurs in developing countries realize their dreams. All for as little as $25.

If you would like to know more about giving back and uncovering your own unique gifts to share with the world, I invite you to contact me.

Here is to you being the CEO of your life!