Want 2018 to be Your Best Yet? Here are 6 CEO of Your Life Tips!

Tell me, do you feel you are in control of your life and on track to create what you truly want?

Many New Year’s resolutions are really about that. About trying to take control of some facet of our lives. And most people struggle to follow through.


Because life is not about the bits and pieces. Life is about the whole package. The big picture.

Instead of tweaking things here and there, how about becoming the CEO of your whole life?

When you are the CEO of your life, you have a clearer picture of what you are working towards and the steps to get there. It’s easier to recognize the changes and decisions that are best for you, and to take those first steps towards the life you truly want and deserve.

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on Breakfast Television, and shared 6 critical tips to help you become the CEO of your life.

You can see them here.

They are:

  1. Empower yourself by taking responsibility. A lot of people aren’t happy with where they are and get caught in a cycle of blaming the people around them. “My boss is too critical”, “My partner doesn’t understand me”, etc.

    There will always be circumstances that are out of your control. Instead of pointing at them, turn that finger towards yourself. Because you are something you can control. In any situation, ask yourself, “What can I do to make this better?”

  2. Tune out your gremlins. Gremlins are the voices inside that say, “You can’t do this! Who do you think you are?” They are the naysayers that try to hold you back and keep you safe. But playing it safe is how you get stuck in the proverbial hamster wheel.

    Tune those voices out. Instead, give the microphone to the voice inside that says… “You can do this! Just try.” I call this voice your Captain. Your Captain truly has your best interests at heart and knows what you’re capable of. Your gremlins are afraid. Your Captain is brave. Trust your Captain.

  3. Have a big picture vision of what you want so you know what you are working towards. Create a vision board of that picture to look at, every day, to help determine if what you’re doing is in line with what you want to create.

    What goes on a vision board? Ask yourself, “If anything was possible, what would my life look like?” Imagine that perfect life. Your finances, wellbeing, workspace, family, home, free time… everything! Create your vision board around that picture.

  4. Ask yourself, “What do I truly want?” This is such an important question. What do you want? Not what other people want or expect from you, or what you think you should want. What’s in your heart?

    No matter how scary it may be to say what you truly want, it is so important to say it. To be honest with yourself. To listen to what your heart is telling you.

    Maybe that fear isn’t fear at all… maybe it’s excitement!

  5. Make decisions that are aligned with what you want to achieve. 

    Whenever you have a big decision to make (or even small ones), look to your vision board and tune into your Captain. Listen to what your heart, your gut, your inner voice is telling you. Not just your head.

    Your head may be a good thinker, but it isn’t a great feeler. And so many decisions ultimately come down to gut feeling. Trust your gut.

  6. Speak your truth. This is a hard one. Many of us are afraid to be perceived as different or weird. We adapt to what other people expect of us. We conform and don’t speak our truth.

    Set the intention to say something you wouldn’t normally say at least once a day. If you need to say something to your boss, partner, friend, colleague… say it. Say it so that you can bring more of your true self forward every day.

Would you like help taking control and becoming the CEO of your life? I invite you to contact me for a coaching conversation.

Let’s make 2018 the year of YOU!

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