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I Did Something Out Of My Comfort Zone. Here’s How I Calmed My Nervousness.

Tell me, when you step out of your comfort zone, do you feel some type of nervousness? How do you handle it?

A few weeks ago, I was invited to speak on CJAD Radio. I was so excited about the opportunity. But at the same time, I was really nervous!

I was nervous because, although I have done many interviews before, this would be my first LIVE interview. If something did not go quite right, I was on the air… with real time listeners… editing would not be an option!

I also had no idea what the host might ask me. What if he threw a curveball? What if I stumbled? I was outside my comfort zone.

There I was, sitting right outside the studio, waiting to go in for my interview. On the wall in front of me was “CJAD 800 Wall of Fame”. It was such an exciting moment, but seeing “Wall of Fame” was somehow adding to my nervousness.

I sat there trying to coach myself. I pulled out some of my coaching tools and asked myself, “What is my biggest fear?” The answer was, “Freezing.” What if I froze on air and did not know what to say? My logical brain kicked in and said, “You? Freeze? You always have something to say.” I laughed at myself, but it was not enough to adequately reduce my stress.

I then started thinking back to every moment in my life that had led me to this point.

It all started with my divorce, five years ago. In one summer I got divorced, became a single mom, got a new job and a puppy.

I was overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do, so I hired a life coach. Six months later, my life had completely turned around for the better. I was so impressed with what this coach did for me that I decided I wanted to do the same thing for others. She literally helped me to re-birth; to create a whole new life that was a reflection of who I truly am.

From there, I attended The Coaches Training Institute, got certified, started my coaching business, left my VP Marketing job, and here I am today with a six figure coaching business.

Waiting outside that studio, I suddenly became so grateful for every moment that had led me to that point. I remembered all the hard times, all the tears, all the times people put me down and told me my dream of creating a full time business as a life and business coach with the tagline “Create An Orgasmically Joyful Life & Business” was crazy. I remembered how stressed I was about taking care of my son while creating a business, with no partner to support me.

And there I was, about to be interviewed by a popular radio station in my city, to talk about the work I so much love to do. I felt so much joy and gratitude for every step in this journey, and for the opportunity to be where I was in that exact moment.

Gratitude goes a long way. In that moment, it totally calmed my nervousness. It helped me feel lighter and more like my orgasmically joyful self. The nervousness did not go away completely, but it did subside enough that when I was told it was time to go live, I could walk into the studio with confidence.

The interview went well. Of course there are always things that could be improved, but I told myself that for a first live interview, it was a success. And, like every other step that brought me there, it was also a step towards even greater things.

If you would like to hear my very first live radio experience, you can listen to it here:

In the interview, I talk about the importance of identifying what it is you truly want to do, and share how to do that. I also talk about those first critical steps to take towards building your orgasmically joyful life and business.

If you need help figuring out what you love, or need guidance with the steps to breaking out of your comfort zone to create a life and business you are excited to wake up to every day, contact me at

Here is to you being the CEO of your life!