Exploring Sedona’s Vortexes: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Spiritual Awakening

Exploring Sedona’s Vortexes: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Spiritual Awakening

Let me ask you… when did you last feel truly grounded?

In a literal sense, to feel grounded means to have both feet firmly planted on natural ground, feeling fully connected to the earth, as though no force can knock you down. It’s being able to tap into sensibility – literally being sensible – rather than being swayed by external circumstances. When you are grounded, you are down to earth, fully present in the moment, in connection with your body, mind and spirit, and connected to the earth, universe, or whatever spiritual element resonates with you.

It’s a feeling of being at ease in your world, fully at peace with yourself exactly as you are, and unphased by any storm that may rage around you.

Although I consider myself a fairly grounded person, I recently had an experience that opened up a whole new level for me. 

That experience was a trip to Sedona, which is not only one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever had the honor of visiting, but is also recognized as one of earth’s energy vortexes – a place where the earth’s energy is elevated, empowering greater self-reflection and healing for people who visit.

If it’s an option for you, I highly recommend a trip to Sedona or another of the world’s energy vortexes. Traveling may not be an option for you right now, but if the idea sparks something in you, you can set the intention to make it happen down the road, and get those wheels in motion

So… what exactly is an energy vortex, what makes Sedona special, and how can we live more grounded lives that integrate the powerful energy of places like Sedona?

In this article, we’ll explore:

  • What is an energy vortex?
  • What’s special about the energy of a vortex?
  • Feminine vs. masculine energy
  • My Sedona experience
  • Sedona’s 8 vortexes
  • Integrating Sedona’s energy into your daily routine
  • Creating from where you are

What is an Energy Vortex?

Some belief systems recognize lines of natural energy that criss-cross the globe. Where these lines intersect are seen as hubs of this natural energy. These hubs are called energy vortexes.

These vortexes seem to occur in locations that have held some kind of sacred meaning for centuries – long before the concept of these lines was introduced.

Some of the more well-known vortexes are Stonehenge in England, the Great Pyramids at Giza, Machu Picchu in Peru, and others.

While those three feature human-made structures, not all vortexes do. Those that believe in vortexes and energy lines believe that human-made structures like Stonehenge were built there because those ancient people recognized the unique energy of the place.

In Sedona, there have been some human-made structures erected, such as the Chapel of the Holy Cross, but it is truly within the natural landscape that you immediately become aware that something is different there.

What’s Special About the Energy of a Vortex?

It’s really that the energy is both natural – primal even – and amplified. If you’ve ever been in a space that felt somehow magical, ethereal or powerful in some way that you couldn’t quite put into words, that’s the energy I’m talking about. In places that are considered energy vortexes, it’s that energy, but the dial has been cranked up higher than you can imagine. It’s something you feel in the deepest depths of your being. It’s a profound knowing of being intricately connected to the natural world.

Feminine vs. Masculine Energy

Sedona has 7 distinct vortexes, which span both feminine and masculine energies. What does that mean? Although we use those terms, the energies themselves have nothing to do with gender. It more goes back to traditional concepts of masculinity and femininity. In the lexicon of energy speak, the terms probably need to be updated. There’s a detailed explanation of the two types in this article, and here’s a condensed explanation of each:

  • Feminine energy

    Considered to be dynamic, intuitive and led fully from the heart. It attracts what it seeks and responds to the frequency of environments, relationships and situations, rather than prescribed processes. It is inherently creative and sees possibilities where none existed before. For feminine energy, standard ways of being are meant to be challenged, re-molded or even tossed out completely. Compassion, innovation, nurturing, flexibility and generosity all spring from feminine energy.

  • Masculine energy

    A natural architect, it is drawn to rules and structure, and leans into logic, clarity and focus. Masculine energy is drawn to predictability, and will empower you to clearly see what’s needed to achieve your goals, as well as keep you aware of potential threats or challenges in your path. Clarity, focus, candor, protectiveness and loyalty all spring from masculine energy.

My Sedona Experience

I’ve traveled a fair bit and Sedona was an experience unlike any other. 

For me, it was a place of true grounding, which is an energetic practice I’ve leaned into in daily life, as well as during times of chaos. Arriving in Sedona, I was familiar with the practice and the feeling. Even still, I wasn’t at all prepared for just how profound the experience would be. The magnetic charge in Sedona – and in all energy vortex locations – is so much higher. For me, it recharged my energy stores so quickly and fully.

I had just received my Master Certified Coach (MCC) certification when I left on the trip. I’ve been focusing more and more on working with executives and high level leaders in my coaching practice, and MCC certification is an important part of that work. This trip was a way to celebrate with my family. My intention was to use the trip to honor my accomplishment and think about my next steps.

I opened myself up, and messages I needed to hear came in. When I was in the Chapel of the Holy Cross, I was overwhelmed by a sense of unconditional love. I sat down, and said a prayer. I am not religious, but I do believe there’s something beautiful in all religions, and I strive to stay open to what our complex history with the mythical has to offer. 

As I prayed, I heard the message, “You need to love yourself unconditionally first. Yes, all parts of you, no matter what, and no matter what people close to you say.” 

Oof. It was not my first time hearing that message. It’s one I even coach others to embrace. But hearing it in that place, at that level of grounding, shifted something in me.

A second message I received came when I was hiking one of the many incredible trails. This message was, “Fully accept others, exactly as they are.”

I was floored. After traveling all that way, and experiencing the unbelievable energy of the place, I have to say that I was expecting something more profound than… acceptance. However, the more I thought about acceptance and the monumental ripple effects it can have, the more I realized, it’s as deep as it gets. As human as it gets.

Acceptance is a springboard for everything. Accepting who we are, where we are, what we want, what we have, who others are, who they are to us, the limits and abundance of what we have to give… acceptance empowers us to grow what’s meaningful and to let go of what no longer serves us. And those two seemingly simple acts are life changing in ways I’m still discovering.

This broader knowledge of acceptance is still resonating within me, leading me closer to my inner leader, and opening up possibilities within me. One of those resonations has been around my energy work.

In addition to executive coaching, I’m also a certified Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine. I always hesitate to bring this side of myself into my coaching work. But, when I do, people are so grateful and find the experience transformative. I know in my heart that energy work is part of my journey, and the messages I’d been getting from clients was that it was helping their journeys as well. Despite those two truths, I still hadn’t fully accepted this in myself, or that the openness would exist in others. Sedona is full of indigenous wisdom and culture, and has long been something of a pilgrimage for those who believe in energy work as I do, so it’s commonplace to talk about these things. This atmosphere of acceptance, coupled with the fact that many elements of energy work are based in indigenous wisdom, helped me more fully own my practice as an energy worker.

Acceptance… it truly is foundational.

When I returned home from Sedona, I felt full and calm, like I had 100% self-acceptance and was fully bathed in love and nature. I felt like nothing could shake me and I could handle whatever came my way. It was a much deeper, and also broader feeling than anything I’ve experienced.

Has it changed me forever? Yes… and no. No, because I went right back to work after the trip, and right back into my routine, so that fully charged up feeling lasted about ½ a day. Yes, because I now have a blueprint for that feeling. A blueprint that feels stamped onto my inner being. I now have a mission to visit every energy vortex around the world, and I am also committed to integrating the powerful energy of Sedona into my daily life.

Sedona’s 8 Vortexes

There are 8 (or 7, depending on your source) distinct locations in Sedona that each embody a unique energy and experience. Because each of us possesses our own energy and experience, the vortexes will impact you differently, depending on what’s currently within you and the intention you bring.

  • Cathedral Rock
    Cathedral rock has an intense, yet soft, feminine energy that is both cleansing and regenerating. It’s most popular as a meditation spot as there’s a deep feeling of connection and oneness with the earth. The energy at Cathedral Rock is believed to support introspection, and to balance the energy of the body, mind and spirit. It is truly a place to slow down and let go.

  • Airport Mesa
    Because it’s the most easily accessible of the vortexes and has a full 360° view, Airport Mesa is the busiest vortex. I still recommend including it in your visit, just know that you’ll be there with a crowd.
    Airport Mesa has strong masculine energy and is particularly impactful in bolstering confidence and self-worth. It can give you a real kick in the pants if you’ve been struggling with making changes.

  • Bell Rock
    Bell Rock is believed to strengthen the feminine, the masculine, and energetic balance within visitors. Because it opens up these 3 facets of energy, it’s considered a place to develop your perspective, especially in how you see and value yourself, and how you see and value others. The balance aspect empowers you to see the world through a lens of emotional neutrality, making this a powerful vortex for gaining a new perspective on any challenges or problems you’re facing. 

  • Boynton Canyon / Kachina Woman
    Boynton Canyon – also known as Kachina Woman – is the most sacred of the Sedona vortex sites and embodies a combination of feminine and masculine energy. It’s believed to inspire openness and strengthen intimacy, and is also a profoundly calm energy, which makes it particularly powerful in transforming relationships.

  • Chapel of the Holy Cross
    The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a human-made structure – a catholic church – however the vortex itself is the natural site. The architecture of the chapel is stunning and draws on the energy of the vortex, but the site itself is non denominational.
    This vortex is connected with love, harmony and joy. It’s said to deepen your connection with Spirit, however that manifests or resonates in your life, religious or not. Compassion, empathy and oneness are said to be evoked at Holy Cross.

  • Red Rock Crossing
    Red Rock Crossing is a deeply sacred site. Indigenous cultures in the area consider it the home of the gods, and birthplace of the first man and woman. Like all vortexes, be sure to visit it with reverence and respect.
    A unique feature of Red Rock is the popular swimming hole, which seems so fitting for the feminine energy of this vortex, which exudes feelings of receptiveness and compassion. You can quite literally bathe yourself in that soft, loving energy.

  • Schnebly Hill Road
    Schnebly Hill is said to hold a powerful energy for those wanting to make big shifts or changes in their lives, as it empowers you to release blockages and let go of limiting beliefs and patterns.

  • Courthouse Butte
    Courthouse Butte is considered one of the strongest vortexes for personal and spiritual transformation, as the energy is deeply grounding and healing. There’s a strong connection to the earth at the Courthouse and many visitors report feeling as if the earth is speaking to them.

Integrating Sedona’s Energy Into Your Daily Routine

The energy I experienced in Sedona is something I now try to tap into in daily life. One thing I did was take a few of my stones and crystals to Sedona to charge them with the different energies by placing them on the ground and meditating with them, or placing them in a natural water source.

Now, when I want to tap into Sedona’s energy, I hold one of my charged stones, take a deep breath, and bring myself back to the peace and grounding of that moment.

If a visit to Sedona isn’t an option for you, it is possible to buy stones that have been charged. However, a significant aspect of Sedona’s power is the connection you feel to the earth and to something larger than yourself. It won’t be as impactful as a visit to a vortex, but you can intentionally bring elements or images of nature into your home or workspace to strengthen that connective energy in your daily life. As a daily practice and/or in moments of stress, take an intentional moment with a plant, stone, piece of wood, image of nature, or whatever natural element resonates with you, take deep breaths and visualize yourself exhaling negative energy and inhaling the positive energy you want to cultivate.

As much as you can – even in cold or wet weather – get outside and put yourself in physical contact with the earth. Walk or stand barefoot on natural ground. Hug a tree, or simply lean your forehead against the rough bark. Run your hands through tall grasses or a natural stream. Start a garden. Even a balcony or windowsill garden. Lie on the grass and watch the clouds. Close your eyes and fully feel the wind on your face. Especially when you are feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, or like life is just getting out of control, lean into the earth. 

Creating From Where We Are

Traveling to Sedona was a privilege. As someone who spent years as a single parent, took a huge risk in starting their own business, and spent a good deal of time without financial security, I absolutely recognize that privilege.

From where I am today, looking back on that challenging time, I can see ways I could have created more peace from where I was, and am proud of my past self for all the ways that I did work to create something better for myself.

In sharing my Sedona experience, my hope is that it opens you up to the possibilities around you, empowers you to care for yourself and your energy, and helps you recognize that you deserve a life with peace of mind and full self-acceptance.

We can only create from where we are. Embracing that – fully – is how we start to build in the direction we want to go. Like laying down train tracks, bit by bit we bring the full passage into being. Sometimes that means smoothing out what’s already there, other times it means the grueling work of clearing away what’s blocking us. You are worthy of all of that work.

If you are interested in energy work or coaching that incorporates an energetic approach, I invite you to connect with me.

Key Takeaways:

  • Our connection to the natural world is one of the most powerful tools for protecting and refueling our energy stores.
  • While energy vortexes around the world can provide a profound energetic experience, we can also have a meaningful impact on our energy through intentional daily practices.
  • We all deserve to feel at ease and at peace in our world, and you are worthy of taking the steps to create it for yourself.