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Strategic Thinking

How Can Strategic Thinking Take Your Life and Leadership to the Next Level? Let me ask you… what makes a strategic thinker? A strategic thinker is someone who is intentional in their decisions and continuously aligns themselves and their actions with a big picture vision. That may sound simple, but being an actively strategic thinker […]

How Do You Build Confidence in Decision-Making?

What does it mean to be confident in your decisions? Many people define confidence in decision-making as the belief that their decision is the correct one; that it will bring the best outcome. The thing is, it’s impossible to accurately predict outcomes. Sure, there are times when we have data, patterns, or other information to […]

The 6 Traits of Inclusive Leadership

Let me ask you… what does it really mean to be an inclusive leader? Too often, we see organizations claiming to promote diversity, only to learn that it’s far from the truth. It usually takes very little digging to find an all-too-common glass ceiling, problematic workplace cultures, microaggressions, unfair hiring and promotion practices, and so […]

How Do You Communicate with C-Level Executives?

  How Do You Communicate with C-Level Executives? Let me ask you… how would you approach a meeting with a high-level executive? As a leadership coach, I’m sometimes asked if I communicate the same way with different people across all levels of an organization, especially in terms of top management communication. Essentially, should we speak […]

Unconditional Responsibility

What is Unconditional Responsibility? Let me ask you… If I suggest taking unconditional responsibility in all aspects of your life, what thoughts and feelings come up for you? Many of us get defensive at this idea. Sure, we’re responsible for plenty of things. But… unconditionally responsible? No way! What about other people? World events? Traffic? […]