How Do You Shift Your Emotions?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your emotions? Like they are not allowing you to think, feel and act the way you would truly like? 

Or maybe you have built walls around yourself and are not allowing your emotions to surface?

Either way, it’s just not healthy.

Emotions come up for a reason, they are actually gifts. They allow us to see what is really going on inside and gives us a chance to see what we can work on to become a better version of ourselves.

We need to release emotional blockages. Emotions are like a blocked faucet. If we don’t remove the blockages we can’t expect the water to run out smoothly. Same with us, if we don’t deal with what is bothering us, it will start to spill out onto all areas of our life.

But HOW do you shift your emotions?

If it was easy to do, people would be doing it all the time.

I have tried many things and what has been most transformative for me, is something called a fire ceremony.

A fire ceremony is something I learned from shamans. It involves working with the element of fire to transform how you are feeling.

It involves writing how you are feeling on a piece of paper, or blowing your emotions into a piece of paper or a stick and letting the fire consume them.

Let me explain. If you think about it, among all of the elements (earth, water, wind, fire and space), fire transforms the most quickly. You could take a stick or a piece of paper and bury it into the ground  and eventually it will decompose. With fire, it’s transformed in a few seconds.

So how do you shift your emotions? You don’t. The fire does it for you. That’s why it’s so powerful. It’s not you doing it in your mind; you are opening to something much greater.

This has been so successful for me. I use it when I get triggered, stressed or am trying to release something that is preventing me from moving forward. I have shared it with my friends and clients and I even do it with my 8 year old son when he has intense emotions come up.

If you want to do it, here’s how it works:

  1. You can either use a fireplace or a metal foil throwaway container. In the fireplace, you would start by burning some wood. In the metal foil container, you would fill it with about in inch of kosher salt and add some rubbing alcohol (at least 90%), then light it up to have the fire element.
  1. Take a deep breath. Call in your guides, the Universe, whatever higher force you believe in and ask them to accompany you during this ceremony to help you release what needs to be released.
  1. You can either write out what is bothering you, or you can feel the intensity of it and blow it really hard into a piece of paper or stick at least three times.
  1. Watch the paper or the stick burn. As its burning and you see the smoke coming out of the fire, draw your hands towards the smoke and then think of what you really want to shift in your life. For instance, if the emotion you are burning is hurt, you might want to call in love. If you are burning fear, you might want to call in trust. If you are burning stress you might want to call in peace.
  1. After you draw your hand towards the smoke, then draw your hand towards three points of your body: your belly, your heart and your forehead. Those are your three primary energy centers.  At each point consciously feel the feeling you are trying to bring in…(love, trust, peace….)
  1. Once the fire has finished burning, thank your guides, the Universe, your higher force for being with you while you were releasing what needed to be released and calling in what you truly wanted.

For me, burning is the quickest way of shifting your emotions. It helps release old patterns and beliefs at a deep level and helps you heal more quickly.

Yet, we are like onions and have many layers. You might need to perform a few ceremonies for the same issue. Every time you perform it, it will keep on removing another layer of intensity. You will sense calmness in you every time you perform the ceremony.

Within a short time, you will start noticing different possibilities showing up for you.

Please be open to receiving them, after all, it is change towards your best self you are looking for…right?

I invite you to contact me if you would like to talk about shifting some intense emotions in your life.