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About the Author

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Melissa Dawn is Coach & Founder of CEO of Your Life.

Melissa Dawn is a Certified Life and Business Coach, Motivational Speaker and Founder of CEO of Your Life. She is the Amazon international bestselling author of I Attract What I Am: Transform Failure into an Orgasmically Joyful Life and Business.

Melissa left behind a successful career as an award-winning V.P. in marketing to be of greater service by inspiring and teaching professionals and business owners the key strategies needed to identify their purpose and discover their unique value.  This transformational process helps to crystallize their vision to create a life and business that is a true reflection of who they are. Melissa illuminates and guides her clients’ journey toward making choices and decisions that are heart-centered by listening to their inner guidance system so that the chosen paths are much more fulfilling.

By engaging in and implementing the step-by-step strategies of Melissa Dawn’s signature coaching programs, you too can become the CEO of your personal and professional life with confidence and success.