I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to work with such amazing people. Read what they’ve shared about their coaching experiences with me.
Amelie Chanda Testimonials

“Working with Melissa has been life changing. I knew I was ready for a change but, I had absolutely no idea what type of career was right for me when I signed up with Melissa. After 15 years in the corporate world, I knew I was ready for something more rewarding, I felt stuck and wanted help. I decided to put my trust in her and, I couldn’t be happier with the transformation!

Within a few sessions, I found my true purpose and defined my values and what is important in my life. Within the 6 months program, I found myself, created ways to make the impossible possible, and even launched my own business! If someone had predicted that for me at the beginning of the year, I would have never believed it.

Melissa is a fantastic coach to work with, the weekly session kept my momentum going and here I am creating my dream job! Melissa has business and life knowledge and skills that she freely shares with her clients. Her marketing background, her entrepreneurial mindset and her spirituality made Melissa the perfect coach to help me create the life that I want. I am forever grateful for working with this amazing woman!”

Amélie Chanda
Wellness Coach

Alastair Monk

“Melissa and I met many years ago while working together – and have kept in touch ever since. I was certainly a little skeptical when it came to the idea of ‘life coaching’, sounded a little bit fluffy for my liking, but after spending a number of hours with Melissa – I soon realized many of the challenges I was having a hard time with, were certainly not unique; and there were proven methods of tackling them – best done with the support and guidance of a professional – and Melissa is certainly that.

I would recommend any person spend their time, with an open mind – with Melissa. As I write this, my new company is finalizing a 1.1 MM round of funding, I’m the CEO and co-Founder of an amazing company – and I couldn’t be in a better place.

Many things started to move around after I started my coaching with Melissa, and I’m not done yet. New challenges will take new ways of thinking – and having a top coach in my corner makes me actually excited to see what they’ll be and how we’ll overcome them. Bravo Melissa!”

Alastair Monk
CoFounder + CEO at motorleaf

Stephane Moraille

“Melissa Dawn is the real deal. The Real McCoy.  Her network of clients is one of the most thriving, joyful and connected bunch of people out there. I realized that while many spend money on stuff: a mortgage, nice clothes, a car etc., very few spend money on self development and those who do have a lot more to show for it including all of the above.

Hers is a transformation from within, in line with your core values, which allows you to project yourself out in the professional world in the most authentic and prosperous way.”

Stephane Moraille, LL.M
Entertainment Lawyer

Mark Kandalaft Testimonial

“When I contacted Melissa, I had just finished re-designing my business, its model, its purpose etc. My vision was clear but yet not enough to my taste. I still had hesitations, doubts, questions, and I felt the need to have a stronger, more stable base on which to rely.

At this point I decided to invest in coaching. I really enjoyed the whole process. It was very interesting, also exciting, to (re)discover myself through the questions, exercices etc.

What I liked is that Melissa never told me what to do or how to think, but offered me tools and methods to raise new questions and therefore find new answers.

The result of these 6 months is that I was able to become much more focused by validating my passions and vision. I was also able to discover and create the common thread between my interests and initiatives. For the first time, my true interests had become the center of my life, the heart of my business culture, because I finally understood the link they had with my ultimate purpose: to change perceptions and invite others to be more curious and more creative.

Marc Kandalaft
Designer and brand experience specialist
— Artist and Photographer

Steve Legler

“Melissa is so easy to work with, I look forward to every coaching session with her. She has helped me with building my brand, putting together a website that really shows who I am, and with my overall business and marketing strategy. I honestly don’t know where I would be without her.  I certainly would not be as far along as I am. She keeps me hopping, but it has been a fun ride, and I plan on working with her for a long time. I have already recommended her to friends and will not hesitate to do so again.”

Steve Legler
Family Business Advisor: Facilitator/Coach/Mediator

Nathalie Mailhot

“Working with Melissa was an absolute JOY! I looked forward to our weekly sessions. Her guidance facilitated an easy path. I appreciated her work ethic, professionalism and heart-based leadership. We worked together in creating a website which was an outward presentation of my inner convictions. Melissa will help you engage with yourself and assist you in developing your truest potential. It was a great gift working with her!”

Nathalie Mailhot
Public Speaking Coach & Presentation Skills Facilitator

Laura Steckley

“I have nothing but great things to say about Melissa! From the first time I met her, I instantly noticed her beautiful vibrant personality and an incredible positive energy that she brought to her coaching sessions (she did so consistently for the remainder of time we worked together). I was in the midst of a very difficult period in my life, and looking to get out of my very stressful and toxic nursing job in the ER. Melissa helped me to get clear on what I truly wanted out of my career, and brought so much support and encouragement during that time of transition. She is such an inspiration and I am so grateful to have found her :)”

Laura Steckley
Registered Nurse and Holistic Health Coach

Jeremy Najjar

“Having a coach/mentor has always constituted an integral part of my approach to achieving greater things in life. I often hired a coach for exemple to get better at practicing a certain sport and I was now eager to hire someone who could challenge my career path and lifestyle in general.

Meanwhile, I never fell short of ideas to get better at what I do by seeking professional advice, reading tons of self-help books and carefully crafting short and long term plans among other things. I needed more though; an edge that I could not reach on my own. I have interviewed 11 life and business coaches before hiring Melissa. Many of these coaches had a thorough expertise, approach and process. All of them had a notorious career and great success stories prior to becoming a coach. I could definitely feel their confidence in their ability to help someone achieve his personal goals. What made me go for Melissa was the fact that, beyond her expertise, she could empathize with her clients’ situation and go the extra mile by adopting a more holistic approach. This busy bee would fight on the side of her clients and relentlessly deploy efforts to achieve tangible results.

Make no mistake though; beyond her kind smile, funny tag-lines and joyful personality, this coach is not for the faint of hearts. When you share your expectations with her and you both establish the ground rules to go after your goals, you’d better stick to the plan and commit to making the changes you initially wanted. Melissa will be there to walk you through the process, ask the right questions, help you draft your plans, change/adapt them if and when needed. When she commits to help you achieve a certain objective she will do whatever it takes to do it. And she expects the same in return.

A fun, intense, challenging and incredibly rewarding experience that was worth every penny I invested in her coaching sessions. My expectations were very high when I joined the program and was able to achieve each one of my objectives. Even better; Melissa has helped me adopt an approach that would continue to help me in the future and keep the positive momentum going.

Melissa doesn’t stick to just doing her job. She wholeheartedly puts at the disposal of her clients her professional network, extra hours and the effort needed to make sure they get the results they asked for.”

Jeremy Najjar
Management Consultant

Paula Shaw

“Melissa is a fount of information regarding Marketing and Social Media. She has generously helped me a great deal. Her depth of knowledge and ability to see the best strategy for you is razor sharp. I am so delighted to have come into her sphere. She is a bright light in every way.”

Paula Shaw CADC, DCEP
Owner Pathways To Higher Energy | Loss and Life Transition Guidance | Addiction Specialist | Author | Speaker

Isabelle Vaillancourt

“Melissa helped me to push myself in my photography business, she challenged me to get out the best of ME, for Me to use to reach my goals!

Thx for your great service!”

Isabelle Vaillancourt
Owner Studio IV

Jacqueline Guerrero

“When I met Melissa, I was in the process of trying different jobs, but nothing really captivated me. She helped guide and motivate me to follow my passions. Within a short period of time of working with Melissa, I started seeing my path with much more clarity. I started taking courses that I really loved: massotherapy, reiki, reflexology, esthetics…now I had all these courses, but was afraid to start my own business, it was such a risk for me not to have a stable income…Melissa not only supported me through it and ensured that I was staying on course, but also helped me build my clientele! I now have enough clients where I am making more money than I was working full time at my previous job and absolutely loving what I do. It’s contagious, because I am passing this enthusiasm on to my clients as well!!! I am so grateful to have Melissa as a coach in my life; she has helped me tremendously in both my professional and personal development. She’s a keeper!”

Jacqueline Guerrero
Owner, Jacqueline Guerrero Esthetics

Marcos França A. De Carvalho

“Since I have started my program with Melissa, I have seen amazing positive changes in the way I face life every day. Melissa’s coaching techniques, exercises and amazing energy enabled me to better know myself, my life purpose, my values and goals. I received the tools I was missing to improve my decision making process and feel much more confident knowing now that they are aligned with my life’s objectives. Melissa’s successful career in marketing enables her to be fully understanding of my professional and business challenges. She is a fun, positive and energetic doer, gifted with the ability to help people live a better life.”

Marcos França A. De Carvalho
Co-Founder Navut

Su O.

Working with Melissa has completely changed my life in every way. I was not sure what to expect when I signed on with her – and I continue to be amazed by her coaching skills. If someone told me a year ago I would have my own business and not be working for a corporation I would have thought they were crazy! I have played it safe my entire life. I have taken so many risks and reaped so many rewards because of her guidance, encouragement and support. I owe so much to Melissa. She has pushed me further than I every imagined and has opened my eyes and mind to so many possibilities. If she was not in my life I do not know what I would do. Melissa has taught me the sky is the limit and to never settle. Her devotion to making sure I am successful blows my mind. Her best interest is always my success. Melissa’s sincerity is rarely found today. I refer to her as my fairy-god mother. Melissa has helped me reach so many goals and now has me setting goals I would never have in a million years imagined for myself! I am so excited to see what other wonderful things her magic will bring me! 

Su O.
Management Consultant