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Have You Broken Your Paycheck Addiction?

Do you dream of creating a full time business doing something you absolutely love, but are held back by the security of a regular paycheck? That feeling of security could actually be an addiction! This article even compared it to crack cocaine.

Most people are disengaged, living life as the living dead

The fact is, according to a Gallup study, 87% of workers worldwide are disengaged at work. Disengaged as in, not feeling fulfilled and working for a paycheck just to make someone else’s dream come true. Given how much of our time is spent working, that’s like settling for life as the living dead – appearing alive on the outside, but feeling dead on the inside.

Don’t wait to hit rock bottom

Five years ago, I was in that exact situation. It was my second divorce that woke me up. I made a decision: NO MORE. No more living life as a living dead. No more doing everything for everyone but myself. I decided it was time to go for my dream, my way. And now I have a successful life and business doing exactly what I want. I am living ALIVE.

Don’t wait for your rock bottom to go for what you truly want. You can take steps towards it today.

No need to go cold turkey on your paycheck addiction

And I can help. If you feel you’re suffering from paycheck addiction, I can help you quit… without going cold turkey. In my latest post, I show you how to start your transition from your day job to creating a full time business you absolutely love.

Check out the 6 steps here.

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Here is to you being the CEO of your life!