5 Key Steps To Transform Failure Into A Joyful Life

5 Key Steps To Transform Failure Into A Joyful Life

Last December, I did an interview with CJAD Wise Women Canada to share 5 steps to transform moments of failure or disappointment into springboards towards a joyful life.

You can listen to the interview here.

During the interview, I shared how, after two divorces, I found myself feeling that I had hit rock bottom. I truly felt that I had failed in some way. Thankfully, I managed to pull myself out of that place and beginning transforming that failure into an orgasmically joyful life and business. I then shared 5 key steps I took, that virtually anyone can take, to turn my life around.

The steps I shared are:

Step 1 – Tune into your inner voice to ask yourself critical questions:

  • What do I truly want? Do I want it because that’s what everyone wants? Or what my family or friends think I should want? Or is it truly what I want?

  • If absolutely everything were possible, what would I start moving towards?

  • What about this is important to me?

Maybe you want to start your own business, achieve a certain position, switch careers, go back to school… For now, forget all the voices telling you how and why it isn’t possible. Focus on what your inner voice is telling you it wants most.

Step 2 – Create a clear vision of what you want

What does your ideal life look like?

Consider all aspects of what you want: career, fun & recreation, money & finances, physical environment, personal growth, health & wellbeing, friends, family, significant other…

What does your success look like? Feel like? Smell like? Feel it completely. Believe it to be real and assume the energy of what you want to experience. Visualize what you want as if it’s actually in your life NOW.

Visualization is powerful as it helps you to move through life with intention. When you continuously visualize what you want, every cell in your body aligns towards that image and you start to resonate with everything in harmony with that end goal.

To take it a step further, create a vision board so that you have a constant, visual reminder of what you’re working towards.

Step 3 – Hire a coach or mentor to guide you and keep you on your path

Seek out a coach or mentor that has achieved what you want to achieve. Go with your gut. Find someone you trust and resonate with. This person will play a critical role in helping you plan and stick to your path. If you want to become better, if you want a different result that what you’ve been getting, you have to do something different.

As Denzel Washington said, “Don’t confuse movement with progress. You can run in place and not get anywhere.” The right coach or mentor will ensure the efforts you make are continuously moving you forward. They will hold you accountable and help propel you forward.

Step 4 – Heal yourself at the energetic level

Stress, emotional trauma, family troubles, career struggles… all these things deplete the body’s energy system. To restore energy reserves and rebalance functionality, seek out methods and people who can help bring you internal peace.

Methods such as reiki, reflexology, acupuncture, emotional freedom techniques, theta healing, massage therapy, chakra cleansing and more can all help refuel you at a deep, spiritual level.

There is just so much you can change with your conscious mind. To make real, continuous change happen you need that energy, that full body-mind-spirit alignment, to help keep you focused and in tune with your inner voice.

Step 5 – Take continuous action

Once you know what your big picture vision is, break it down into steps so you can make continuous movements towards what you truly want to create. Daily, weekly, quarterly, yearly.

Make a list: What do you need to say no to, and what do you need to say yes to in order to create the life you want? Maybe it’s saying no to Facebook and yes to activities and programs that fuel you. Maybe it’s saying no to a friend whose negativity saps your energy and yes to the people who lift you up.

Look at it this way, would you spend precious time and energy in your job on something you know does not bring value? Of course not. Adopt that same mentality in all aspects of your life.

You need to ensure everything you do is aligned with the direction you are moving towards. If it isn’t, don’t do it. Think about the place you want to get to. What would the “you” of that ideal future advise you to do? Make your decisions from that mindset.

If it helps, schedule a regular time slot in your calendar to reflect on how far you’ve come and where you need to go. Commit to taking at least one step, no matter how small, towards your end goal every single day.

Continuously strive to take things to the next level. Always ask yourself what you are learning, how you can improve and what you can do differently.

To read more about how I transformed my failures into a joyful life and how you can too, get a copy of my latest book, I Attract What I Am.

Here is to you being the CEO of your life!

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