Finding Strength in Covid – Live Webinar

March 2020 may not have been the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, but it was around that time that most of the world started taking measures to slow the spread. Measures that many of us expected to be short term.

Nearly one year later, the world is still struggling with pandemic measures.

People have been working from isolation, schools have been opening and closing, businesses have been restricted, hospitals have stretched to their limits and beyond, personal and global challenges unrelated to the pandemic have continued to arise.

We are all exhausted.

There is still no clear end in sight.

And yet… life continues.

How do we continue to find strength in these times? How do we support others?

On Thursday, March 25th at 12 PM, I invite you to join me live for a powerful webinar, backed by research, indigenous wisdom and experience, that will guide you to:

  • Find and create strength in times of crisis and burnout
  • Show up as a leader for others
  • Build resilience against burnout
  • Adopt unique tactics to navigate unique circumstances
  • Create meaning, hope and shared purpose for yourself and the people you lead

I will guide you through 6 proven coaching strategies for finding and maintaining inner strength through difficult times.

This will be an interactive and up close webinar during which we will even demonstrate some of the strategies live, talk through the core challenges brought on by pandemic measures, and explore different lenses through which to view the present and future.

What: Live webinar, Finding Strength in Covid
Where: LinkedIn Event

When: Thursday, March 25th at 12 PM 

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Cost: Free
Duration: 45 min

As an entrepreneur, parent and coach, I have spent the past year navigating this pandemic myself and guiding others through the ups and downs of chaos and uncertainty.

I am overjoyed to be hosting this event and excited to get some insightful discussions going. If you have any questions about the webinar or about leading yourself and others in uncertain times, please connect with me.

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