Career Move and Family

Would you like to make a career move…but are worried about how it would affect your family?

I know how it can feel…sometimes it’s a struggle to get out of bed thinking  of the work day ahead of you…sometimes it evens brings a tightness in your chest.

You may not like your job, but you need it to pay the mortgage and maintain your family’s current lifestyle. It sucks feeling like this.

Wouldn’t you like to approach your days with excitement and feeling energized about the work that you’re doing? So what is preventing you from moving in that direction?

Maybe it’s your fear of stepping into unchartered territories?

Or maybe you need the guarantee that your monthly expenses will be taken care of?

I understand as a single mom what it’s like to deal with these fears. I have been facing them head on for years now.

Let me share with you some of my insights around how you can keep your fears at bay and still honor what you are most passionate about.  Helping people combine their passions and their career together is what I specialize in.

Insight #1Model the example that you would like your children to emulate

I realized that I definitely didn’t want my son to grow up and be stuck in a job that he hated. Your children of course create beliefs in what they see and feel. So I made a decision that I would not stay in any job just because it’s secure. I want to be an example for my son to encourage him to pursue his own dreams. I certainly don’t want to perpetuate a cycle of him not following his dreams because I did not follow mine. How about you? What is the example you are setting for your children?

Insight #2Ask yourself some powerful questions

If you knew without a doubt you would succeed, what career path would you choose? What dream career would be aligned with your values, hopes and passions? These are just a couple of simple direct questions to get you started thinking about what IS possible. They are the questions I have asked myself.

Insight #3 – Rock the boat

As the cliché goes…you can’t keep on doing what you are currently doing and expect different results. If something is going to change, then it starts with you being able to rock the boat and do something different in order to create a more fulfilling career

It starts with you saying “NOW is the time to chart a new course.” Charting a new course does not mean you have to take a drastic step and quit your job overnight. It doesn’t mean it has to be a jarring transition. The transition can be an easy and graceful one.

For example: You could start creating your business plan or exploring potential opportunities on how you would get your first clients…

If you’d like to go towards the leadership role, what would be the specific steps that would move you in that direction?

If you wanted to completely change industries, how can you start connecting with people in that direction and asking them for advice?

What small steps can you take today so that you can explore a new path?

One small step might be to sample some free coaching… For international coaching week there are a few coaches that will be offering free 15 minute speed coaching sessions in the Old Port of Montreal. It will be held on May 19th from 10 AM to 4 PM. I would love to see you there!