How Do You Choose to Eat An Apple?

Seriously, how do you choose to eat an apple?

I was always taught to eat around the apple and to leave the core behind.

One of my friends eats the entire apple to the point where only the stem is left.

The first time I saw him do this, I was in total disbelief. I had never seen anyone eat an apple in such a way.

Now, I started eating my apples like him. Why not? It’s actually delicious. Yes, I eat the core, the seeds and all.

This apple eating process actually got me reflecting. How many things do we do in life, just because it’s the way we were brought up to believe it was supposed to be done?

How often do you question what you are doing and the thoughts that go through your mind?

Here’s a challenge for you.

On any given day, select three of your thoughts and/or actions and then ask yourself:

“Is this truly the way I see things, or is this influenced from someone else?”

If it’s influenced from someone else and you are just repeating the habit on auto-pilot, ask yourself, “Is this thought or action truly who I am or want to be?”

Allow me to give you a more concrete example. When I was working for a company and fearing to leave my day job to become an entrepreneur, the thoughts in my mind were: “You are a single mom, you NEED a day job.”

I started to question these thoughts. Where were they coming from? Obviously, my parents and my surrounding environment. Once I decided to choose that this was not my belief, I started taking steps to building my own business. I decided to choose the belief that you can create as much money as you need and want in your own business, even as a single mom. As a matter of fact, you can even make more money than working for someone else AND on your own terms and time.

Once you start questioning the way you think and do things, you can transform and change all things. You can start to create everything you truly desire in your life and your career. You open yourself to something much greater that you could have ever imagined.

Remember… everything in your life is a reflection of choices you have made. It’s only by choosing to do things differently that you will get different results.

If you feel it’s time to start choosing differently and would like some help doing that, I invite you to contact me.

So…how will you now choose to eat your apple?