5 Year End Questions to Kick Off An Unbelievable 2019

Tell me, how do you feel about 2018?

Do you feel you brought the best of yourself to all that you do?

Do you feel you took real steps towards creating what you want?

Do you feel you were able to showcase your unique strengths, live in alignment with your core values, and bring your inner truth forward with confidence?

Or maybe you feel there is work to be done?

If you answered “YES” to that last question, take a minute to celebrate!

Acknowledging there is work to be done means you have opened yourself up to growth and development – two things that are key to a fulfilling, joyful, energized life that continually motivates you to take yourself (or your team) to the next level.

A personal year end review is a powerful tool to help you get clear on what you want to bring in and what you need to let go of in order to take meaningful steps towards what you truly want.

The key to an effective review is asking yourself specific questions and being brutally honest in your answers.

I’d like to share with you the questions I ask myself, and my responses, with the intention of inspiring you to review your own year, so that you can move closer to becoming the CEO of your life.

The 5 questions I ask myself at year end:

Q: What were you most proud of and grateful for this year?
A: My book, I Attract What I Am – Transforming Failure Into An Orgasmically Joyful Life & Business, being named one of Aspire magazine’s top 10 inspiring books.

Q: What lessons did you learn?
A: Business-wise, I learned the importance of a good accountant and how accountants and banks do not have the same system. For example, if you’re thinking of getting a mortgage or a loan, taking parental leave, or anything that impacts your finances, banks look at how much revenue you have coming in. Because of that, whatever accountants do to defer dividends to other fiscal years isn’t always the best solution. I didn’t realize banks and accountants did things so differently. Ask your banker what’s necessary for your needs first, then discuss with your accountant.

Q: What do you need to forgive yourself or others for?
A: I was hoping to launch my second book this year. I did complete writing and editing it. I just did not realize the process of getting an agent and publisher was so long. I guess it was hard to understand all the details before going through the process, and I got a bit down on myself for not achieving my goal. I need to forgive myself, accept and appreciate the valuable lessons I’m learning through this experience, and trust that everything happens as it’s supposed to happen.

Q: What are your intentions for 2019?
A: To launch the audible version of I Attract What I Am in January of 2019, to launch my second book, Why Can’t I Just Be Me?, in 2019 and to complete my certification in Team Performance Coaching in the spring of 2019!

Q: What word will be your 2019 theme?
A: Resonance.
Resonance is defined as a sound or tone being deep, full and reverberating. Whereas dissonance means a lack of harmony. I will only go towards things where I feel resonance. If I feel the slightest bit of dissonance, I will move away. We feel resonance and dissonance for a reason. I need to trust it.

I hope that by sharing my year end review with you, you will be inspired to ask yourself similar questions, and to be as honest as possible in your answers.

You may also be inspired to share these questions with colleagues to help everyone start the new year with clarity and intention, which can be aligned with corporate objectives to propel your organization forward.

If you are in a leadership position, I strongly recommend sharing your responses with your team. Being open to growth is such an important element of success. But it depends on first accepting all of yourself – your shadow and your light; your strengths and your weaknesses. After all, you cannot change what you cannot accept. Set the example by living it.

If you or your team need guidance, support or accountability in working towards your 2019 intentions, contact me to discuss how we can make that happen.

Here’s to you being the CEO of your life and to a miraculous 2019!

This article was published on Thrive Global.