Want 2018 to be Your Best Yet? Here are 6 CEO of Your Life Tips!

Tell me, do you feel you are in control of your life and on track…
Ready to Share Your Raw Truth In Your Business?

Ready to Share Your Raw Truth In Your Business?

I feel that many businesses display their logic - features and benefits of their product. Yet, when it comes to sharing emotions and stories, they’re afraid or don’t realize how impactful it is.
Melissa Dawn TV Interview

The 5-Day LET GO of Negative Relationships Challenge

We’ve all been in situations where we want to end a relationship, whether it’s with a partner, a parent, a relative, a boss, a coworker, an ex-partner. Many of us feel we don’t have a choice, that nothing can be done - that there is no way out. We feel stuck. You do have a choice.
What Was Your Dream Career As A Child?Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

What Was Your Dream Career As A Child?

What did you dream of being as a child? What were some of your…
Career Move and Family

Would you like to make a career move…but are worried about how it would affect your family?

I know how it can feel…sometimes it’s a struggle to get out…
You have unique gifts

Do You Know What Your Unique Gifts Are?

Do you know what you are truly meant to do in your life? What…