How Break Ups Can Fuel Your Life & Career

Sometimes things come to an end, and it’s not always our choosing. Or at least not the timeline we would have chosen for them.

Part of living a joyful life includes feeling fulfilled in several areas of our life, such as: our careers, our health and wellbeing, our fun and recreation, our friendships, our money and finances, our physical environment, our personal growth, our family, and it also includes our relationships. And in the relationship department, I have been learning some lessons.

A relationship I was in just ended. Even though the relationship did not last very long, I still put my heart into it…and now I am feeling the emotional roller coaster that comes with a break up.

Funny coincidence, as I was feeling down, I came across this quote: “All success inevitably lies on the other side of some heartbreak.”  Susan Sly

This quote brought to mind my previous relationship before this one…I was at my lowest point ever…The break up hit me so hard I even had trouble getting out of bed…the only thing that kept me going was the determination to be the best mom I could possibly be to my son. As I was reflecting on that relationship, I realized there were a lot of jewels and successes that came out of it. Actually, it turned my life around 360 degrees! I know I became the person I am today because of that break up. It prompted me to:

  • Go to coaching school
  • Become a coach
  • Start my own business
  • Have more personal growth than any other time in my life
  • Get connected to the real me
  • Guide a lot of people in taking their lives to the next level
  • Perform my 1st belly dancing choreography
  • Meet some of the most amazing people ever

At this point, I think I should be thanking my ex for breaking up with me… because it did me and the people around me a lot of good!

Even though I know everything happens for the best and that death needs to occur in order for the birth of something better to come in, it still doesn’t make the pain go away. Just because I am an orgasmically joyful coach, it doesn’t mean I don’t have my moments as well.

How am I coping?

I am doing some deep reflection as to what I learned from this relationship and how this will impact my relationships going forward.

I am also choosing to look at all the good this amazing person brought to my life. I truly felt a level of connection I never felt before. It was really beautiful. He felt like family, like someone maybe I was with in another life. I am really grateful to have shared some moments with him as part of my journey, even if it was for a short time. I do wish the relationship could have lasted longer; I feel we had more to share and learn from each other…but at the same time, I trust the Universe. I trust it’s pulling me in another direction which is for my highest good.

As I am going through all these emotions and reflections, I am also doing the following:

  • More of the things I love: meditation, zumba, dancing, yoga, hiking, cycling
  • Reading and watching webinars on how to honor the transition I am in
  • Diving deeper into my spirituality
  • Signed up to take another level of energy healing courses
  • Planning my next business steps that will totally stretch me out of my comfort zone

So yes, sometimes we go through painful transitions in our lives…but we need to trust that they are happening because something new needs to come in.

I am doing my best to use this transition as an opportunity to propel me forward, an opportunity to fuel my life and career to yet a whole new level!

If you feel you need some guidance with a transition in your life, connect with me.

Here is to you being the CEO of your life!