Joy is meant to be shared.

I am making it my personal mission to help as many people as possible create lives and businesses they absolutely love waking up to. It’s something I feel everyone in the world has a right to.

This is why CEO of Your Life chooses to support Kiva, an organization dedicated to helping people around the world create the lives they truly want through entrepreneurship.

To me, creating a life and business doing what you love, on your own terms, in your own way is the biggest freedom anyone can have. This freedom and sense of purpose empowers you to shine your brightest light; spreading your true purpose every day, in everything you do. When you do this, you not only feel orgasmically joyful, but that deep joy is contagious and inspires others to go for their highest path too.

By joining the CEO of Your Life & Business community, you’re helping spread joy around the world.

As of June 2016, CEO of Your Life will direct a portion of all online and one-on-one coaching proceeds to Kiva.

It’s so much more than helping people create lives and businesses they love. It’s planting good karma seeds that grow in leaps and bounds, spreading further and further across and around the globe. It all starts with each of us looking into ourselves, asking how we can best serve and then, day by day, taking steps towards making it happen. This is the only way we can each make a powerful contribution to shifting the world towards a more joyful, loving and harmonious one.


About Kiva

Kiva is a non-profit organization that helps people around the world build businesses to support themselves, their families and their dreams. Through microfinancing, Kiva envisions a world where all people hold the power to create opportunities for themselves and others.

Kiva entrepreneurs can borrow as little as $25 to help build and grow their businesses. The idea is that when people without access to traditional banking are given access to financial services, they are better able to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

Learn more about Kiva.

In the developed world, we have so many opportunities to create lives & businesses that bring us joy. It’s up to us to spread that joy, to re-invest good karma throughout the world, and to support others in creating lives and businesses that are truly meaningful to them.