And the Big News Is…

I am really happy to say that I will be featured in a magazine!

When I told my Dad, he looked at me and cringed…he seems to always be a bit scared of what I will do next…he is still trying to come to terms with my “orgasmically joyful” tagline…he looked at me and said…”Please tell me it’s not Playboy!” I couldn’t stop laughing…No…it’s, not Playboy…I will be featured in the Anniversary Edition of the Happy Entrepreneur Magazine!

The Happy Entrepreneur is a quarterly magazine offering inspiration, strategies, and expert advice on everything one needs to run a profitable business and a full, happy life. In this edition, a few successful business owners will be sharing their story and offering some free gifts too!

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I will share one of the articles I wrote that will be featured (yes…you get the first peak seeing you are signed up to my newsletter)! Here it is…

10 Habits of an Orgasmically Joyful Entrepreneur

It’s funny, I don’t know why…but people keep on asking me about my habits…
I must admit I have quite a few, and I do feel they contribute greatly to where I am today. I started with one habit at a time, and I gradually built on each one.

So here goes…It all starts at 5:00 AM….

Habit #1 – Gratitude
As soon as I wake up, I give thanks for my sleep, my bed, my health, my son, my career, my clients, the air that I breathe….and everything I am truly grateful for. I really do believe that when you are grateful for what you have, you keep on attracting more of it :)

Habit #2 – Breath of Fire
I do the breath of fire.  The breath of Fire is one of the foundational breath techniques used in Kundalini Yoga. It is done by pumping the navel point in and out while breathing rapidly through the nose. It is practiced through the nostrils with the mouth closed. The navel point is pulled in only on the exhalation. There are many benefits to the BOF including It releases toxins,  it releases natural energy throughout the body, increases vital strength, increases internal harmony and health…and so much more…if you could do this for a minimum of 5 minutes every morning, you’ll see a huge shift in your wellbeing.

Habit #3 – Yoga
I do a few minutes of yoga to help increase my flexibility. There is a book I really like that I use as a guide called Aroma Yoga by Ashley Turner. She shows you how to use essential oils in your yoga practice to help achieve radiant health.

Habit #4 – Meditate
Meditation helps me tune my attention within and connect with what is really going on.
Sometimes I start my meditation with a question…I ask a question to something I would like an answer to…sometimes I just meditate to see what presents itself…some days I just can’t seem to quiet my mind so I tune into the meditations from Deva Premal & Miten. These meditations are actually songs that are sung in Sanskrit. They cover different topics from love to peace to protection, liberation, abundance, perfecting wisdom, happiness, healing, compassion, tantra and more…Whatever you may be seeking…they have a meditation for you to sing along to…it’s cleansing for the soul…notice the breakdown of the words (clean)(sing). Yes, singing does cleanse the soul.

Habit #5 – Visualization
I visualize everything I want to attract in my life from the clients I want to have, where I am taking my business, my family, my health, my twin flame, my spirituality…I visualize it to the point where I feel it’s in my life NOW. I feel it, I believe it and assume the energy of what I want to experience.
Visualization is powerful. It helps you move through life with intention. When you continuously visualize what you want, every cell in your body is involved in that image and you start to resonate with everything in harmony with it.

Habit #6 – State my Affirmations 
I say out loud a few affirmations. The evidence is building that thoughts which are repeated, are absorbed by the subconscious, which does not judge but simply accepts. Imagine how much more positive, joyful and energized you can be when most of your thoughts are uplifting ones!

My favourite affirmation is, “All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory.” All of life- meaning- good, bad and ugly, everything that life might throw at you. Glory is an exuberant expression and abundance of life. Imagine how amazing it would be if everything you wanted came with ease, joy & glory? I must admit things have been coming my way with more and more ease….
Keep in mind…we are what we repeat…

Habit #7 – State my Life Purpose
Your life purpose is like the North Star. It steers you on a course through life that resonates deeply with the truth of who you are. There is an exercise I like to do with each of my clients to help them figure out their life purpose. I feel it’s so important to tap into it every morning and to try to live it as much as you can throughout your day. Mine is, “I am the energizing bunny that helps you create an orgasmically joyful life.” So yes, I try to show up all day full energized and somehow contribute to help make everyone happier. Whether it’s through my coaching or smiling to a stranger that I meet.

Habit #8 – Belly Dancing
I am quite attracted to the shamanic societies. Do you know if you went to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, one of the questions they would ask you is “When did you stop dancing?” I love dancing. It’s my drug. I take at least 5 minutes every morning to practice a belly dancing choreography.

OK…enough about my morning routine… now let me share two habits of my night routine…

Habit #9 – Plan My Day the Night Before
I make a point of planning my schedule for the following day the night before and take a few minutes to visualize my day going exactly as I would like it to. This enables your subconscious to work at night in creating what you want to happen. By doing this, when you wake up in the next morning you don’t waste any time trying to organize your day, it’s already organized in your mind which allows you to flow into it with ease.

Habit #10 – Hot Bath with Dead Sea Salt & Essential Oils
OK I must admit, I don’t do this one every night…but the nights that I do I get the best sleep!

I like to use Bokek sea salt. I love it so much I actually get it shipped from the United States. Dead sea salt helps bring out your skin’s natural radiance and tone. It also has detoxifying, healing and restoring properties. I add a few drops of lavender oil to make my hot bath extra relaxing :) Aggh…I am feeling good just writing about it….

There you go…now you know a few of my habits that contribute to me being an orgasmically joyful person, entrepreneur and coach! And now…I am off to prepare my hot bath….