When Making Decisions…What Guides You…Your Head, Your Heart Or Other People?

In this blog post, I explore a new way to connect with your heart when making decisions. For the first time, I am also including an audio to guide you. I hope you enjoy it!

When Making Decisions… What Guides You…Your Head, Your Heart Or Other People?

Whenever I make a decision, I like to connect with my heart. However, sometimes, it’s just not that simple.

I don’t know about you…but I was raised by parents that taught me to follow my head instead of my heart. I was taught to do things according to what my parents and society deemed acceptable.

Rocking the boat and speaking thoughts that were not a reflection of what my parents or religion had taught me was simply unacceptable.

Somehow, even as a child, I had trouble doing things simply because I was told to do so. Like the time I told my parents I would run away from home because they told me I had to go to an all-girl private school. I refused! There was no way you could keep me away from boys. I stood my ground. I followed my heart. I packed my stuff and was ready to move out…my parents eventually gave in and sent me to a public coed school.

Yes, I was considered a rebellious child by some peoples’ standards. But to me, I was just fighting to be myself and live my dreams. I realize it’s not easy to rock the boat. Most people are afraid to go against society, their parents or out of their comfort zone. But here’s the real deal… As a knowing adult, you owe it to yourself to do that. You owe it to yourself to live the life you truly want. It is your birthright.

So what guides you when it comes to making decisions? Do you follow your head or your heart? Or do you simply make decisions based on what others expect of you?

I found that there are tools to keep you focused on what you really want and the direction you are going towards instead of spinning in the emotional place you can get caught up in between your head, your heart and other people.

I have written articles on how to determine your key values and your life purpose to help guide you. In addition to these, there is yet another way to connect with the truth inside you. It’s a tool I learned in my coaching training at the Coaches Training Institute.

It’s by connecting with your Captain, your highest self.

Would you like to meet and connect with your Captain?

If so, please listen to this audio:

You now have three tools that provide great insight as to who you truly are and what is in your heart. So whatever decisions you need to make, I recommend you use these tools to guide you. Whether you are considering entering or staying in a relationship, assessing a job offer, or whatever situation you may find yourself in, ask yourself, “Is this relationship or career aligned with my values and my life purpose?” “What does my Captain have to say about it?”

Have fun with your new tools, and I hope they guide you towards becoming the CEO of your life!