5 Steps to Help You Attract Your Soulmate

5 Steps to Help You Attract Your Soulmate

After two divorces, I did a lot of work on myself to understand what had gone wrong in the past in order to prevent myself from making the same mistakes.

If you are looking to attract your soulmate – that person who is truly right for you – here are the 5 key steps I used to finally attract mine:

Step 1 – Really look at past relationships & let go

What worked? What did not? What do you want to be different in your next relationship? What negative emotions do you need to let go of?

Emotions are gifts. They allow you to see what is really going on inside and what you can work on to become a better version of yourself.

If you feel anger, sadness, frustration, fear, or any negativity leftover from a past relationship(s), write it out and burn it.

Burning is a powerful way of shifting emotions. It helps release old patterns and beliefs at a deep level so you can heal quickly. As you watch your emotions burn, say “I release you.”

You need to let it go to avoid bringing negative energy into your next relationship.

Out with the old, in with the new. Once you’ve cleared these energies, you can concentrate on the person you truly want to attract.

Step 2 – Write out your vision of the relationship you want

Imagine your fairy godmother is there with her magic wand, ready to wave your soulmate into existence. You just have to tell her what you want!

Write out everything – physical characteristics, personality, values, how you feel when you are with them, what your days and weekends together look like, what your lovemaking is like… everything!

Write out not only what you want today, but what you want for your future together. For me it was important to attract someone who valued personal growth because of how high a priority that is for me. If I am working on becoming my best self, I need a partner with the same outlook on life. What do you need most from your soulmate?

Step 3 – Be who you want to attract

Review what you wrote in Step 2. Are you that person? You have to be who you are asking for.

If you want someone affectionate, are you affectionate? If you want to share love, you need to be love. If you want joy and confidence, you need to be joy and confidence.

What do you need to do to become that person?

Be love.

Be the partner you want to attract.

Step 4 – Invest in experience over appearance

Many people invest in their physical appearance to attract the right person. But superficial efforts will only attract superficial relationships.

Don’t aim to look good. Aim to feel good.

If you want to go on a trip, go on the trip. Don’t wait for your partner to show up. Maybe while on that trip you will meet your partner – someone who shares the same passion as you.

Doing things you love and that fuel you makes you feel good. The vibe you give out will attract the right people to you. A lot of people. When potential partners start coming to you, look back at your Step 2 list to ensure they are aligned with what you truly want.

Step 5 – Trust & enjoy!

Don’t stress about the when. Trust that the relationship will happen when it’s meant to happen.

Believe that your soulmate is out there and will ring your doorbell when the time is right, for both of you. Keep working towards becoming your best self so that you are ready when your soulmate arrives.

Until then, enjoy quality time with you!

Attracting the right partner requires a lot of inside work to be done. You need to be your best self to attract your best partner. I share an in depth look at this in my book, “I Attract What I Am” – Transforming Failures Into An Orgasmically Joyful Life & Business”.

Get a copy for yourself or someone you feel could benefit from this.

“I Attract What I Am” is not just about attracting a partner. It shows you the steps to creating the full life you want. It shows you how, at any point, you can turn things around and go for it. If you would like some support with this, connect with me.




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