How To Cut Ties With The Old To Start Creating Yourself Anew

How To Cut Ties With The Old To Start Creating Yourself Anew

Have you ever had trouble getting out of a situation you did not want to be in? Like wanting to get over a breakup, but feeling trapped by the heartache. Or wanting to change something in your life, but not being able to see other possibilities or paths?

It’s happened to me many times, in many aspects of my life.

Today I will share with you two of such challenges in my life, and steps I took to get past them. Below are two excerpts from chapter 8 of my new book, “I Attract What I Am” – Transforming Failures and Creating An Orgasmically Joyful Life and Business.

In this first challenge, I confronted my feelings about a recent breakup and took the first step forward:

“I booked my first Shamanic energy session with John Germain Leto. I had no idea what to expect. I shared my feelings with John. He told me it was best if I energetically cut ties with my ex in order to get rid of any remnants between us. That way, I would be able to move forward with my life with more ease. He explained to me when people come together in a relationship, cords are formed between the two hearts. It’s an energetic tunnel: information, emotions, feelings pass in that tunnel. The cords can strengthen over time. When the relationship is over and those cords are still there, people are unable to move on. People are attached energetically, so you need to cut the cords. Sometimes you need to close the book on what was, so something new can be formed. When the cords are cut, it gives the person a greater ability to move on because they are not tethered to that person anymore. He also explained that if a couple gets back together, new cords are formed. I hesitated. I was not ready to cut ties with The Doctor. I guess part of me still wanted to hold on to the possibility we could get back together. I had no idea why. Logically it did not make sense. But I guess healing is a process and it does not happen overnight. John did clear energies that were not serving me in order to help me step onto a higher path. I really enjoyed the session. I felt calm and confident. I could now go back and take my life to a new level.”

TAKEAWAY: After a breakup or other emotional hurdle, getting help will keep you from making the same mistakes down the road and attracting the same type of person to you once again. See a therapist, a coach, a healer… someone to help you move past what happened so you can start creating yourself anew. I also strongly recommend a session with a healer to cut energetic ties. It did wonders for me :-)

In this second challenge, I found myself struggling with my own marketing, despite having been crafting marketing campaigns and strategies for other companies for years.

“John Germain Leto kept in touch with me. He knew my passion for being a coach and offered some help in my branding. I wasn’t too sure how to interpret this. After all, I had about 20 years of marketing experience and I already had a rough draft of my website. I showed it to him. He said it was good but it did not represent who I truly am as a person. I was taken aback. He did help brand Beyoncé so I decided to pay a bit more attention to what he was saying. He said the website I had created was done at the level of the mind but that I needed to connect more deeply. “You need to connect your mind and heart and create your branding from that space.” I didn’t really understand at the time. I wasn’t sure what he meant, but it felt right so I decided to heed his advice. We started having sessions and he guided me on how to let go of my fixed visions. He taught me to stop feeling like I was making all decisions on my own and carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. He taught me how to connect with my heart and go with the flow of life. By doing so, you open yourself up to something much bigger than you could ever imagine.”

TAKEAWAY:  When you need to make a decision or create something new, connect with the Universe and ask for guidance. Meditate. New possibilities will show up that you would have never come up with on your own.

There you have it. Two things I did to start creating new possibilities and go onto a higher path.

Looking to create yourself anew? To bring new possibilities into your life? To take it to new heights? To get some coaching tips that could potentially help you move forward in your journey?

In my book, “I Attract What I Am” – Transforming Failures and Creating An Orgasmically Joyful Life and Business, I share all the steps, tips and key strategies I took to get over two divorces, manage as a single mom, quit my VP Marketing job and start a successful heart-led business.

Wishing you an energizing day!

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