The Most Important Investment You Can Make For 2018

The Most Important Investment You Can Make For 2018

I have an investment proposal for you. This investment isn’t listed on the TSX or the NASDAQ. It isn’t a bond, ETF or mutual fund.

It’s a unique investment. One that can mean huge gains for your life and your business.

What is this amazing investment? Karma.

Yes, karma.

Now hear me out. When you succeed, that success involves other people. Supportive partners, amazing clients, great co workers, loyal employees, solid leadership, your friends, your family, even the barista who makes your coffee just right every morning.

When you put positive thoughts and actions out into the world, that positivity comes back to you in the form of people and opportunities that lift you up and help propel you forward.

Every time you do something positive like praise a colleague or employee, send a client or partner a thank you gift, take your team out for a celebratory lunch, or give a great testimonial and social media shout out to an awesome supplier, you are planting karmic seeds.

Each action you take is a new seed with the potential to grow into a beautiful, fruitful tree.

So here is my proposal to you. Take stock of your year. What gains did you make, either financially or not (for example, maybe you received an award, completed a prestigious project, made some great contacts, gained recognition for your brand or got all your marketing in line with your core values)? How about reinvesting 10% of that good karma into sowing new karmic seeds with the people around you?

Send something special to a supplier. Give your clients a really good bonus offer, discount or freebie. Make this year’s holiday party extra special for employees, or even give them a bonus day off. Send your best customers gift certificates to a spa or their favourite restaurant.

If financial investments are not possible for you this year, look for other ways to spread good karma. Help a colleague make a valuable connection. Write an ebook or tip sheet and give it to clients. Praise a coworker or employee to someone in management.

As the saying goes, ‘a candle loses nothing by lighting another’. But the world sure does get a lot brighter :-)

You may not be able to track your karmic investment on the stock exchange, but it is always there, working hard, growing, producing and building you up.

So make that critical investment. Invest in others and it will come back to you, many times over. After all… it is the season of giving!

As you move into 2018, remember that giving can be part of your karmic investment plan, year round. At CEO of Your Life, a percentage of all profits are donated to the Montreal Children’s Hospital and Kiva, two incredible organizations that strive to lift others up and make the world a better place. Is there a group or organization that does work meaningful to you? Consider making them part of your year round karmic giving plan. Even the littlest bit helps :-)Here’s to you becoming the CEO of your life!


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