If You Don’t Have Time for Exercise… Do You Have Time for Illness?

If you don’t make time for exercise, you’ll have to make time for illness. It’s as simple as that.

There was a time when I found myself so drained by the toxic people in my life that I experienced a burnout. I was hardly sleeping and had no energy. I needed space to be me, fully and freely. I cut people out, cut people off and set boundaries.

Those steps altered my environment immensely, but did not fully heal me and I needed to heal to fully be me. I needed to heal at the energetic level.

Stress, emotional trauma, family troubles, career struggles all deplete your body’s energy system. Restoring your energy rebalances and strengthens you, and provides the fuel to create the life you want.

How do you heal energetically? What works for you is what feels right to you. Seek out methods and people who can help bring you internal peace. Listen to your gut. A method needs to feel right to you for it to work.

Methods such as reiki, reflexology, acupuncture, emotional freedom techniques, theta healing, massage therapy, chakra cleansing and more can all help refuel you at a deep, spiritual level.


Sounds crazy?

There’s just so much you can change with your conscious mind. To make real, continuous change happen, you need that full body-mind-spirit alignment to keep you focused and in tune with your inner voice.

For many, our wounds run deep. You can’t always “talk yourself out of it”. You need to heal it, deep down. Energy healing may sound a little out there, but remember that creating something different always requires you to do something different.


Raising your chi

In Chinese medicine, “chi” refers to this internal energy system. It’s your life force. When it’s blocked or low, you feel low on energy. This happens through illness, emotions or even unhealthy habits.

I started seeing an acupuncturist who told me by increasing my chi, negative energy would be unable to impact me. Toxic people get to you when your energy is down. When your energy is strong and healthy, you won’t let anything outside of you affect anything inside of you.

Through acupuncture, chinese herbs, qigong and energy work, I was able to build myself back up.

Whatever works for you, use it. Whether it’s yoga, meditation, tai chi… just keep working on raising your chi so you’ll have the energy to create the life you want.

My acupuncturist shared a qigong pose with me that had a tremendous impact on my energy. I love it because it’s a combination of a meditation and a pose. I recommend trying it as it only takes a few minutes and is fairly simple. You may find it isn’t for you, and that’s ok, but trying the pose may open you up to new possibilities of healing and of what your body is capable of.


Tree Hugging Pose

Tree hugging pose infographic

I started out holding the pose for 5 minutes and built up, a minute a day, to 20 minutes, which is ideal.

While the pose strengthens your physical body, it also strengthens your mind, empowering you to stay focused and calm in stressful situations.

Chinese medicine teaches that illness results from low, stagnant or blocked chi. The tree hugging pose increases and unblocks your energy flow. Practicing it regularly can train your mind to be still and alert. It teaches you to relax and ignore discomfort, which is a critical skill when navigating challenges and controlling your reactions when feeling triggered.

When you raise your chi, energy, emotional strength – whatever you call it – the negativity of others won’t impact you as much, making it easier for you to set and maintain healthy boundaries.

Go ahead. Try it. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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Here is to YOU being the CEO of Your Life!


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