How you show up will ALWAYS matter!

Workshops to succeed during COVID-19 and beyond.

Tell me… are you struggling with the current situation? If you’re like me, one of the many challenges is feeling like you can’t (or shouldn’t) plan for the future.

With so many unknowns and so much change and unrest to address in the present, it can seem like planning for the future is just not an option.

That can amplify stress and anxiety because at the heart of planning ahead is… hope.

As a leader, manager, business owner, or leader within (someone who may not be a leader in title, but feels the call to lead through example, compassion, courage and clarity), how do you address the difficult feelings in those around you? How can you thrive during the current pandemic, while also engaging in hope-driving future planning?

My 3 upcoming workshops (hosted online), in partnership with Concordia University, have been created to do just that. These powerful workshops are designed to help businesses, teams and individuals establish new habits that both address current struggles and ignite cultural shifts within teams and organizations that will continue to serve you in years to come.

Creating Engagement in a Time of Crisis

Upcoming dates:

  • Jul. 20, 2020 – 8:30AM – 12:00PM EST
  • Aug. 13, 2020 – 8:30AM – 12:00PM EST

Engagement is at the core of employee productivity, motivation, retention, innovation and so much more. It’s often what sets A-players apart and what can transform a good-enough team or organization into an amazing one.

Now is the time

to rethink how you drive engagement because your approach will drastically impact success right now, and take your entire organization to higher and higher levels for years to come.

Check out the workshop details for dates and to learn more about the unique challenges and opportunities of creating engagement during a crisis.


Vulnerability and Courage in the Workplace

Upcoming dates:

  • Jul. 22, 2020 – 8:30AM – 12:00PM EST
  • Aug. 21, 2020 – 8:30AM – 12:00PM EST

Vulnerability and Courage in the Workplace

To be vulnerable at work… sound scary? Maybe even counterproductive or distracting, especially at a time like this?

Being vulnerable in a professional setting can take many forms, but at the core is the ability to have the difficult conversations that need to be had. This is an invaluable skill at any time, but especially during times of crisis or uncertainty when open, honest conversations, led by empathy and courage, can drive engagement on a deep and powerful level.

This workshop will guide you on how to embrace professional vulnerability as a path to creating accountability, bringing out your own unique strengths and those of others, embracing a growth mindset, and redirecting energy away from limiting thoughts and towards creating amazing things for yourself and your organization.

Check out the workshop details  for dates and to learn more about what it means to embrace vulnerability and courage for professional success.


Creating Human Connection While Working from Home

Upcoming dates: 

  • Aug. 3, 2020 – 8:30AM to 12:00PM EST

Creating Human Connection While Working from Home

Whether remote work has long been part of your organizational structure, or you’ve been thrust into a new routine due to the pandemic, one thing is for sure: human connection matters!

Working from home can leave people feel disconnected and unmotivated, and can make productive collaboration seem even more challenging. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

One positive to come from all this is a huge boost in people finding innovative ways to connect and we can build on that to create organizational cultures that thrive, regardless of physical distance. This workshop will guide you on how to create connection among your team and within yourself to continuously take yourself and those around you to new heights.

Check out the workshop details for dates and to learn more about what it means to create connection when working from home.

There’s no question that we’re in uncharted waters right now and we don’t know for sure what the future holds. What we do know is that how we show up, and the connections we make will continue to matter in huge ways.

When you invest in strengthening yourself, your employees and/or your organizational culture, you invest in creating something that will not only see you through the challenging times, but will also empower you to emerge from them stronger than before and strategically positioned to reach new levels of success.

If you’re interested in any of the workshops for yourself, your team or your organization, please click the links above to check dates and register, or connect with me to learn more about thriving through pandemic and beyond, or how workshops can be customized for your organization.