A Freebie & A Favor :-)

Happy 2016!!!

How are you?

Please read this post all the way through, so I can tell you about an awesome (and possibly life changing) freebie, as well as a favor I’m asking, if you don’t mind :-)

The Freebie…
Tell me, how do you push yourself to become the best you?

I truly believe everything that manifests in our lives is a reflection of our inner thoughts. I believe that if we are not where we want to be, a huge part of why is that we create stories in our heads that hold us back from making it happen. We tell ourselves it isn’t possible, and create lists of reasons why it just can’t be done.

How do we break those stories? How do we push ourselves out of our comfort zones to get past them?

For me, continuously pushing my physical limits helps me push my mental limits. I see every drop of sweat as extra energy gained, giving me the willpower to go for what I truly want. Many times, I’ve felt like quitting. I’m sure you have too. I find the mindset it takes to build muscle is the same mindset you need to break your stories – the limiting beliefs holding you back from creating what you truly want. And to build confidence to move forward.

That mindset is about continuously moving forward, even when every ounce of you wants to stop. It’s about going forward even if you are uncomfortable. It’s about convincing your mind that you can do it; that your heart knows where it is leading you; that it knows the path; that you can trust it; that anything is possible even when every part of your physical body and brain is telling you otherwise.

I know. It is challenging to coordinate exercise in your life; to balance it with work and family. But with what I will share with you today… you will see that it IS possible! And you will have no more excuses :-)

I have discovered LIFT! Lift is like Skype for exercising. You exercise in your own home, with a personal trainer in their own home. You get an amazing workout, and you don’t even have to leave the house. You can work out while dinner is in the oven. You don’t have to pack a gym bag. Your own shower is right there. I have had personal trainers beside me at the gym and let me tell you, I got even more of a workout with Lift. I felt like the trainer was right beside me!

Not only that, my 9 year old son joins me too!

So no more excuses that you can’t exercise because of the kids. The kids can do the program with you! My son loves it so much he keeps asking when the next session will be. Here is a picture of us drinking boxed water on our break (they say boxed water is healthier). You can also see our trainer in the left hand corner of the screen.

Here’s the freebie: Get one free Lift Session to try it out! Simply:

  1. Go to www.liftsession.com
  2. Press the “Train Now” button
  3. Select a date and time that would be best for your first session
  4. Enter your registration info including the promo code: MELISSAD

And please, feel free to share this freebie, with the exclusive promo code, with anyone you think will appreciate the opportunity to change their lives!

I hope you enjoy it as much as my son and I do. And I hope it helps you get comfortable with the uncomfortable, and pushes you to the next level of your life and business.

The Favor…

I would love your input in helping you become the CEO of Your Life

One of my intentions is to help as many people as possible become CEOs of their lives and create lives and businesses they are orgasmically joyful about.

I would like your help with this.

Do you want to break free from your corporate job and create a full time business doing what you love? I would love to help you build a fulfilling business where you report to no one but yourself. To show you, step by step, how to transition from your day job to creating a full time business, at a pace that feels right for you.

I want to help you create your brand and marketing as a true reflection of your values, your purpose and your lived experience, so you can attract people you will love working with.

I want to help you align your life and business with your values and purpose so you feel truly fulfilled with the work that you do.

This prompted me to come up with one of my orgasmically joyful ideas :-)

I am creating a course around all the things that helped me break free from my corporate job and replace my VP Marketing salary in just four months. In it, I will share my personal recipe: everything I have learned in my 20+ years of business and marketing experience. And I’m giving this recipe to you!

(I believe it truly is a unique recipe. I’ve yet to come across anyone else helping others build businesses from scratch as true reflections of themselves, guiding them in their launch and marketing strategies, all while giving life coaching tools to help them also create lives they love. I have shared my recipe with quite a few friends and clients. Those who have tried it have replaced their salary within a year of starting their own business.)
Here’s where you come in.

Before I create the course, I want to make sure I cover everything. All I’m asking from you is your answer to one or both of the following questions:

  • What is your #1 challenge in starting your own business?

And / Or

  • If you could have anything you wanted, what would you choose in terms of income and lifestyle (domestic help, number of hours worked, vacation time, cars, homes, etc). What is your biggest challenge getting there?

If you would like to help create this course, simply email me at joyful[at]ceoofyour.life with your answers. This way, I can get back to you with ideas for first steps.

I look forward to hearing from you and am truly grateful for your feedback!

Here is to you being the CEO of your life!